Flights From Vijayawada to Bangalore

Vijayawada to Bangalore Flight Schedule

Airlines Flight Num Departure
Aircosta LB666 07:15 08:15 mon/tue/wed/thu/fri/sat/sun
Aircosta LB668 14:45 15:35 mon/wed/thu/fri/sat/sun
Aircosta LB668 15:00 16:10 tue
Spicejet SG3407 14:00 15:15 mon/wed/thu/fri/sat/sun
Spicejet SG3310 20:00 21:15 mon/tue/wed/thu/fri/sat/sun

Bangalore - Kempegowda International Airport

Airport Name : Kempegowda International Airport
Domestic/International : International
Airport Address : Devanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560300
Airport code : BLR
Airport Telephone : 91-80-25223344
Flight Information : ---
Support : ---
Fax number : 91-80-25228010
Email :
Role : Commercial

The distance from Vijayawada to Bangalore is:

Virtual Status of Flights from Vijayawada to Bangalore


The status of flights shown on the map is representational and does not depict the actual status/delayed/cancelled status of the flights or the actual route of the flights.

Last Updated on : January 6, 2017

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