Bhubaneswar City Map

Bhubaneswar City Map

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Bhubaneswar Map
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*Bhubaneshwar city Map showing roads, hotels, hospitals and other places of interest. Disclaimer

Bhubaneswar is the capital of Odisha state in India. It is also known as the "Temple city of India". It is also an important pilgrimage centre of Hindus who visit the place at least once in their life time. Hundreds of temples can be seen here that are standing since ancient times and boasts of its rich culture and heritage.

You can explore the city well with a map that can give the details of all the places of interest and the various important structures that Bhubaneswar boasts of. Maps can be of good help to the visitors when they visit the city for the first time as they can get lots of helps by knowing the routes and the roads to their destination. Maps can help inform you about the location of important landmarks, the nearest route to certain places and the hotels, hospitals, offices etc.

Tourist Destination:

Bhubaneswar is a great religious place that house around 500 temples like the Lingaraj temple, Parashurameswar Temple, Mukteswar Temple etc. The place including Konark and Puri form a holy Golden Triangle that is a favorite among the tourists in the eastern part of India. The largest rose garden that is the Regional Plant Resource Center is another attraction here.

Bhubaneswar has all types of entertainment like beaches, waterfalls, lakes, parks and gardens along with zoos are important places that visitors need to visit. Bindu Sagar Lake is a sacred lake that is situated to the north side of Lingraj temple. Atri is a small village that is full of greenery and is famous for its hot sulphur water spring. The water has medicinal properties and is therefore visited by many tourists. Tourist can also visit the Orissa state Museum, State Handicrafts Museum, Udayagiri and Khandagiri caves, Tribal museum etc.

Culture and People

The cultural heritage is opulent and people are proud of their culture and heritage. The culture also includes the Odissi dance form which is world famous and is well admired as well. Around 7000 temples depict the culture and the history of Bhubaneswar that has seen times since 2000 years. The people here speak Oriya and bears resembles to the Bengali and Assamese language. There are many tribes here and also speak tribal languages of the Adivasis that are the original inhabitants of Orissa. Seafood and sweets form a major part of people's diet here.

Modern Bhubaneswar

The city of Bhubaneswar is now a well planned city that comprises of good modern buildings, wide roads, parks and gardens. The modern Bhubaneswar is planned by Otto H. Koenigsberger, a German town planner. But the city is developing fast and the original plan has grown wide. It is a fast developing city with modern amenities. It is on its way to be India's one of the most well built cities. The infrastructure is great and there are many modern modes of transport. Bhubaneswar also has a domestic airport for the convenience of businessmen and tourists. Various flights from all across the country land here. Many great educational institutions are built here for the youth here and to develop the city and the state into a modern city.

Last Updated on : 07/08/2013