Orissa Class 12th Date Sheet 2018

Odisha Board Class 12th Date Sheet-2018

Date & Day  Subjects (Time: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM)
06 March,2018 English Science- Regular/Ex-Regular
07 March,2018 English Arts- Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular & Ex-Regular)
08 March,2018 MIL (ODIA)Science- Regular/Ex-RegularMIL (ODIA)Commerce-Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular & Ex-Regular)
09 March,2018 Other MILs (Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education)HindiBengaliTelguUrduSanskritALT. EnglishArts- Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular & Ex-Regular) Commerce-Regular/Ex-Regular Distance Education (Regular & Ex-Regular)

Science- Regular/Ex-Regular

10 March,2018 IT  (Information Technology), Science, Commerce, Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular, Computer Science- 614 R/614 E,BIO- Tech, Electronics, Science - Regular/Ex-Regular
12 March,2018 Political Science, Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education
13 March,2018 Physics-603 R/603 E, Science-Regular/Ex-Regular, Accountancy-803 R/ Distance Education, Accountancy-803 E/ Distance Education, Commerce- Regular/Ex-Regular/ Distance Education
14 March,2018 History-715 R/ Distance Education, History-715 E/ Distance Education, Arts- Regular/Ex-Regular/ Distance Education
15 March,2018 Integrated Vocational Subject for Arts, Commerce & Science, Tourism & Travel management-815 R/E, Office Management-812 R/E, Banking-823 R/E, Printing Technology-825 R/E, Information Technology-827R/E, Arts/Science/ CommerceAutomobile Technology-627R/E, Dairying (DAV)-629 E/E, Electrical Domestic Applications-633 R/E, Mobile Technology-635 R/E


16 March,2018 Chemistry-605R/605EScience- Regular/Ex-Regular

Business Mathematics & Statistics- 805R/Distance Education, Business Mathematics & Statistics- 805E/Distance Education

Commerce- Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular)

17 March,2018 All Language Optional(Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education)

Odia- 708R/ Distance Education, Odia- 708E/ Distance Education, Hindi- 709R/ Distance Education, Hindi- 709E/ Distance Education, Bengali- 710R/ Distance Education, Bengali- 710ER/ Distance Education, Telugu- 711R/ Distance Education, Telugu- 711E/ Distance Education,

Urdu-712R/712E, Sanskrit-713R/Distance Education, Sanskrit-713E/Distance Education, Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular), Elective Sanskrit- 626R/626E

19 March,2018 Mathematics- 607R/607E, Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular, Science-Regular/Ex-Regular, Home Science-712R/721E, Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular, Business Studies & Management- 804R/Distance Education, Business Studies & Management- 804E/Distance Education, Commerce- Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular)
21 March,2018 Geography-620R/620EArts-Regular/Ex-Regular

Science-Regular/ Ex-Regular

Logic-720R/Dis.Edu, Logic-720E/Dis.Edu

Arts- Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular)

22 March,2018 Statics-624R/624EArts-Regular/Ex-Regular




Sociology-723R/Distance.Edu, Sociology-723E/Distance.Edu

Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular)

23 March,2018 Biology - (Biology & Zoology)- 608R & 610R,Science-Regular, Biology-1 (Botany)-608 E, Science Ex-Regular,Insurance 806E/806E Distance Education,

Fundamental of Management Accounts- 809R/Distance Education, 809E/Distance Education

Business Economics-808R/Distance Education, 808E/Distance Education,

Rural Development-810E/Distance Education, 808E/Distance Education,

Cost Accounting- 807R/Distance Education, 807E/Distance Education,

Computer Application-811R/811E

Commerce-Regular, Ex-Regular/ Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular)

24 March,2018 Economics-717R/Distance Education, 717E/Distance EducationArts-Regular, Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular)


IRPM-II (Personal Management)- 728R/728E


26 March,2018 Other MILs (Regular/ Ex-Regular/ Distance Education)Hindi-703R/Distance Education, 703E/Distance Education

Bengali-704R/Distance Education, 704E/Distance Education

Telugu-705R/Distance Education, 705E/Distance Education

Urdu-706R/ 706E

Sanskrit-733R/Distance Education, 733E/Distance Education

Alt. English-707R/Distance Education, 707E/Distance Education

Arts-Regular/ Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular), Commerce Regular/Ex-Regular Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular), Science-Regular/Ex-Regular

27 March,2018 Biology-II (Zoology)-610E, Science-Ex-Regular
28 March,2018 Education-718R/Distance Education, 718E/Distance EducationArts-Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular)

Indian Music-729R/729E






Odisha Class 12th (Arts/Commerce) Results 2017

Students can access their Class XII Board 2017 results on www.orissaresults.nic.in or www.chseodisha.nic.in

Odisha Board Class 12th Date Sheet-2016


02/03/1610 AM to 1 PMEnglish (For Science-Regular/ Ex-Regular)
03/03/1610 AM to 1 PMEnglish (For Arts-Regular/ Ex-Regular/ Distance Education- Ex-Regular/Ex-Regular)
04/03/1610 AM to 1 PMMIL-(ODIA) (For Science-Regular/ Ex-Regular)
  MIL-(ODIA) (For Commerce-Regular/ Ex-Regular/ Distance Education- Ex-Regular/Ex-Regular)
08/03/1610 AM to 1 PMOther MILs (Regular/ Ex-Regular/ Distance Education) Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Urdu, Sanskrit, Alt. English *(For Science-Regular/ Ex-Regular) *(For Arts-Regular/ Ex-Regular/ Distance Education- Ex-Regular/Ex-Regular) *(For Commerce-Regular/ Ex-Regular/ Distance Education- Ex-Regular/Ex-Regular)
10/03/1610 AM to 1 PMPhysics (For Science-Regular/ Ex-Regular)
11/03/1610 AM to 1 PMMIL-(ODIA) (For Arts-Regular/ Ex-Regular/ Distance Education- Ex-Regular/Ex-Regular)
12/03/1610 AM to 1 PMIT-Information Technology (For Science-Regular/ Ex-Regular) IT-Information Technology (For Commerce-Regular/ Ex-Regular) IT-Information Technology (For Arts-Regular/ Ex-Regular) CSC (Computer Science), BIO-Tech, Electronics (For Science-Regular/ Ex-Regular)
14/03/1610 AM to 1 PMAll Language Optional Regular/ Ex-Regular/ Distance Education) Odia, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Urdu, Sanskrit (For Arts-Regular/ Ex-Regular/ Distance Education- Ex-Regular/Ex-Regular) ES (Elective Sanskrit) (For Science-Regular/ Ex-Regular) English (For Commerce-Regular/ Ex-Regular/ Distance Education- Ex-Regular/Ex-Regular)
15/03/1610 AM to 1 PMChemistry (For Science-Regular/ Ex-Regular)
16/03/1610 AM to 1 PMLogic (For Arts-Regular/ Ex-Regular/ Distance Education- Ex-Regular/Ex-Regular) Geography (For Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular) and (For Science-Regular/ Ex-Regular) BSM (Business Studies and Management) (For Commerce-Regular/ Ex-Regular/ Distance Education- Ex-Regular/Ex-Regular)
17/03/1610 AM to 1 PMHistory (For Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular) and (For Science-Regular/ Ex-Regular)
18/03/1610 AM to 1 PMBiology-I (Botany) (For Science- Regular/Ex-Regular/ Vocational Stream)
19/03/1610 AM to 1 PMAnthropology, Sociology (For Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular/ Distance Education-Regular/ Ex-Regular) Statistics (For Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular) and (For Science-Regular/ Ex-Regular) BMS (Business Mathamatics & Statistics) (For Commerce-Regular/ Ex-Regular/ Distance Education- Ex-Regular/Ex-Regular)
21/03/1610 AM to 1 PMACT (Accountancy) (For Commerce-Regular/ Ex-Regular/ Distance Education- Ex-Regular/Ex-Regular) Economics (For Arts-Regular/ Ex-Regular/ Distance Education- Ex-Regular/Ex-Regular) and (For Science-Regular/ Ex-Regular) IRPM (Personnel Management) (For Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular/ Vocational Stream)
22/03/1610 AM to 1 PMBiology-I) (Zoology) (For Science- Regular/Ex-Regular/ Vocational Stream)
26/03/1610 AM to 1 PMMathematics (For Arts- Regular/ Ex-Regular) and (For Science- Regular/ Ex-Regular) Home Science (For Arts- Regular/Ex-Regular/ Vocational Stream)
28/03/1610 AM to 1 PMEducation (For Arts- Regular/ Ex-Regular/ Distance Education- Regular/ Ex-Regular) Indian Music (For Arts- Regular/ Ex-Regular) Psychology (For Arts- Regular/ Ex-Regular) INS (Insurance), FMA (Fundamentals of Management Accounts), BSE (Business Economics), RD (Rural Development), CAC (Cost Accounting), Computer Application (For Commerce-Regular/ Ex-Regular/ Distance Education- Ex-Regular/Ex-Regular)
29/03/1610 AM to 1 PMPol. Science (For Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular/ Distance Education-Regular/ Ex-Regular) Geology (For Science- Regular/Ex-Regular/ Vocational Stream)

Practical Exams
DatePhysics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Electronics, Computer Science, Bio-Technology, Computer Application and Statistics, Geography, Geology, Education, Information Technology, Psychology, Anthropology, Indian Music and Home Science
01/20/2016 to 01/30/2016


18/03/1610:00:00 AMEnglish
19/03/1610:00:00 AMMIL (Odia / Hindi / Telugu / Bengali / Urdu / Sanskrit/ Alternative English)
21/03/1610:00:00 AMBFC-I (History, Commerce-I, Physics)
22/03/1610:00:00 AMBFC-II (Pol.Science, Commerce-II, Chemistry)
26/03/1610:00:00 AMBFC-III (Economics, Mathematics, Biology)
28/03/1610:00:00 AMTheory Paper-I (All Trades)
29/03/1610:00:00 AMTheory Paper-II (All Trades)

Note- The duration of Practical Examination is 4.00 hrs.

Odisha Higher Secondary Exam Time Table 2016 (Arts / Commerce / Science / Distance Learning / Vocational)

Last Updated on : November 18, 2017

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