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“Though [Vilasrao Deshmukh] came from a rural background, he had a vision for Mumbai as a megapolis and he executed many initiatives.”

~ B Venkatesh Kumar, Political Science professor at Mumbai University.

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"Gruesome attack in Chhattisgarh is an attack on democracy. Time has come to adopt policy of Zero Tolerance towards Terrorism & Naxalism."

~ Narendra Modi tweeted about the attack on Congress leaders by Maoists in Chhattisgarh, 25 May 2013 (11:37 p.m.)

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Main akela hee chala tha janibe manzil magar, log saath aate gaye aur caravan banta gaya!

(Translation: I set off alone towards my goal, but, people came along and it began to turn into a caravan!)

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“I consider the Maharani of Jaipur [Gayatri Devi] one of the most beautiful women of this century for her looks, her presence, the way she carries herself and the clothes she wears. In the latter part of her life, she has done a lot for Jaipur in setting up institutions of education and… Read More →

“The ghastly incident [of the Hashimpura Massacre] had stirred the conscience of the nation, as the outrage it caused in the average citizen was more than that felt against terrorist violence, as the killers in this case were those who were supposed to be protectors.”

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“ … May 21, 1991 witnessed a terrible happening -- explosion of human bomb, an unprecedented event in Sriperambudur (Tamil Nadu) at 10:20 p.m. -- which resulted in extirpation of a National leader, a former Prime Minister of India, Shri Rajiv Gandhi …”

~ excerpt from the Supreme Court Judgement of 1998, against the conspirators of Rajiv Gandhi’s… Read More →

“[Sumitranandan Pant] was, thus, a pioneer who won new frontiers of theme and expression for Hindi poetry.”

~ Dr. B N Prasad, in his article in the Triveni Magazine in 1978.

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“An examination of Bond’s life and work affords insight not only into his evolution as a writer but also his contribution to the development of English literature in India and to the growing body of diasporic and post-colonial/post-independence literature.”

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“Half of the Mumbai population has seen [Shree Pundalik], the remaining half should also see it.”

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“Never again will another cricketer with the humility of B S Chandrasekhar walk on an Indian or foreign cricket pitch.”

~ Bishen Singh Bedi, Indian cricketer, talks about B S Chandrasekhar, in an interview, May 2005.

Indian cricketer and leg spinner, B S Chandrasekhar is considered as one of the best bowlers in the world. Born on the 17 May… Read More →

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