Mangaleshwar Temple

Mangaleshwar Temple is one of the most renowned religious sites of Agra, Uttar pradesh. It is located in the western part of the city center in the Gokal Pura area. Mangaleshwar Temple is a very popular place of worship among the local population. During festive days the temple is beautifully adorned reflecting the religious diversity in Agra. Every year the Mangaleshwar Temple of Agra is visited by thousands of devotees and tourists.

The Mangaleshwar Temple of Agra stands close to the central railway line that connects the northern and southern regions of the Agra city. Access to Mangaleshwar Temple is provided by Ramratan Road. The Temple also serves as a popular reference point in the region.

The best time to visit Mangaleshwar Temple is during the Hindu festivals. There you will get to see the grandeur of the Hindu style of worship. On such festive days there are special services and the temple area appears more gorgeous, colorful and lively.

On your visit to Mangaleshwar Temple you can also stop at some of the other renowned religious sites of the city. Agra is dominated by both Hindu and Muslim population. So apart from the temples there are a number of famous mosques in the city. Some of these mosques and temples are real spots of interest due to their historical importance. The Mughal kings have left their landmarks behind in many such worshiping places. You can visit the famous Moti Masjid and Jama Masjid on your trip.

A visit to the Mangaleshwar Temple will definitely introduce you to the religious life of the local people of Agra.

Last Updated on : June 01, 2013