Taj Mahal Garden Agra

The beautiful Taj Mahal Garden stretches from the gateway to the plinth on which stands the famous tomb. This is a Persian style garden based on symmetry and geometrical measurements. It is said that the Taj Mahal Garden is very closely linked to Paradise, since according to Quran Paradise is a beautiful garden.

Through the center of the Garden runs the two marble canals with fountains. These canals are lined with Cypress trees that symbolize death. Since 'four' is considered to be a holy number in Islam so the Taj Mahal Garden is divided into four sections. These four sections evokes the sense of Islamic Paradise, where rivers of water, milk, wine and honey flows. The stone paved pathway divides the flower bed into 16 parts.

At the center of the Taj Mahal Garden there is a raised marble lotus shaped tank. The water in this tank provides a clear view of the Taj Mahal from all the corners of the garden. It is amazing to view the reflection The Taj amidst the lush green garden. It is said that the water in these canals was drawn manually from the river, using buckets and rope. The water from the overflowing canals are used for the purpose of irrigation. The north-south canals has their water inlets through fountains and the east-west canals has their water inlet through an inter connection with north-south canals.

The Taj Mahal Garden increases the elegance of the beautiful Taj with its majestic greenery. The very presence of this colorful garden weaves magic to the heavenly structure of the exquisite Taj Mahal.

Last Updated on : July 07, 2013