Shah Jahan Garden Agra

The Shah Jahan Garden of Agra, Uttar pradesh is one of the most beautiful Mugal garden in India. This is a wonderfully decorated area with a lush green spread. The emerald colored floors of the Shah Jahan Park expands towards the west of the Taj Mahal. This is a very good place for leisure visits. You can relax in the wide green stretch of this place.

There is also the Motilal Nehru Park near this place. Both of this park are located on the Yamuna Kinara Road that leads to the Taj Mahal. People on their way to and from the Taj visit these parks for a leisurely stroll.

The Shah Jahan Garden is bisected by a walkway that passes through the whole stretch of the park.

The Golf Course near this garden is also a very popular destination for the tourists as well as the local people of the area. Many people come here for relaxation.

There is a bus stop near the Shah Jahan Garden specially meant for those public vehicles that connects the region to the interiors of the city. Some of the best hotels and restaurants of Agra are also located around this place. Tourists staying in these hotels come to the Shah Jahan Garden in the morning and evening in order to stroll around and jog.

The Shah Jahan Garden of Agra is the appropriate place for those who want to experience the freshness of air of Agra. This place will also prove to be interesting for those who are interested in Mugal history.

Last Updated on : June 01, 2013