Spiritual Museum Agra

Agra is a city very rich in architectural grandeur of Uttar pradesh. It has some institutes that aim at preserving the heritage of Agra. Much different from the other popular museums, the Spiritual Museum has a very different concept.

The Spiritual Museum is still in its initial stage of growth. This museum is for the recently established movement, which is called 'Brahma Kumaris'. The members of this movement are all religiously inclined people. They prophesy the self recognition of the bigger truths of life. The main concern of the 'Brahma Kumaris' is to have the realization that God is their Father.

The museum puts up various shapes, forms and colors. Through this they try to elucidate the different physical going on in the world.

With the world famous Taj Mahal near-by, the Spiritual Museum is flooded with tourists almost all the year. The visitors to the museum mainly constitute of people having interest in spirituality. Some people come to visit the Spiritual Museum out of curiosity. Apart than them, general tourists also come to visit the Spiritual Museum.

It will be an awesome divine journey for all the people coming to visit the Spiritual Museum, an adventure of a special nature. It is a must-see tourist spot for the visitors to Agra.

Last Updated on : June 01, 2013