Bengaluru (Bangalore) Metro Fare Calculator

Bengaluru Metro Fare Calculator

Get Fare Between Two Stations

The Namma Metro (Our Metro), also known as Bangalore Metro, has changed the lives of the citizens of Bangalore in a major way and has made traveling more convenient. With new routes being introduced to the already existing lines, Namma Metro is gradually increasing its reach, growth and development. With new metro phase coming in and the network extending, the common man has to calculate whether it will be profitable for him to travel by metro or not, when compared to a bus, auto or taxi.

Bangalore Metro Fare Calculator will help you solve this problem and make it easy for you to calculate the fare between any two stations on any line of the Namma Metro. To calculate the fare, just select the "Source Station" from the drop down list and then select the "Destination Station" from among the drop down list. Then simply click the "Get Fare" button and you will get the fare required to travel between the two destinations at your screen. This tool is helpful for those who wish to find information concerning the fares on Namma Metro. This tool is absolutely free of cost to use.

Last Updated on : 03/12/2013