Bangalore (Bengaluru) Wildlife Sanctuaries

Bengaluru, the capital city of Karnataka, is unique in the richness and diversity of its wildlife in its own little way. In spite of being a bustling city in itself, it harbors a wide range of biodiversity which is very valuable ecologically. The vast expanse of verdant green forest that has been developed as a national park supports most of the wildlife variety in Bengaluru and surrounding areas.

What is so exquisite about the Bengaluru wildlife is the variance that they are equipped with. Whether it comes to the flora, avifauna, and aqua fauna, or getting a rare glimpse of various wild animals right in their natural surroundings is truly astonishing. The serene lakes of Bengaluru support a wide variety of organisms. Bengaluru lakes are also visited by migratory birds and thus bird-watching has developed as a popular attraction among the tourists.

Continuous steps are being taken by the Karnataka government to conserve the green cover that is so important to keep pollution at bay. Awareness camps are regularly organized to sustain the existing variety of wildlife. Bengaluru Zoo has a marvelous collection of reptiles.

A wildlife retreat, deciduous forests and thorny scrubs dominate the Bangalore belt. The nearby Bannerghatta National Park covering an area of 104.27 sq. kms. is a safe haven to elephant, gaur, leopard, jackal, fox, wild pig, sloth bear, sambar, spotted deer, barking deer, common langur, bonnet macaque, porcupine and the hare. It also includes lion and tiger safari, a herbivore safari, a mini zoo, a reptile park, a mini aviary and a museum for live close encounters.

Last Updated on : 03/12/2013