Parks and Gardens in Bengaluru (Bangalore)

Bengaluru is perfectly named as 'The Garden City of India'. The city is a retreat to the eyes as it is adorned beautifully with hedges and flowers all through, some as old as the city itself.

Though Bengaluru is fast being converted into a concrete jungle, the Government is trying its best to provide the residents of Bengaluru with greenery by continuous expansion of parks and gardens. Efforts are also made to make the gardens more and more eco-friendly. Some of the gardens have also banned the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

Endorsing some of the best and rarest varieties of greenery in the world, the parks and gardens of Bengaluru are romantically landscaped with fountains and multicolored lights that form the major attractions. These parks and gardens also serve as favorite haunt for joggers, fitness enthusiasts and for walks. The gardens are equally popular among children, young people and the old alike.

Take a leisurely stroll or just to bask in the winter sun. The garden offer serene environs and a delightful respite from the humdrum of the city. With an intricate watering system the gardens and parks of Bengaluru are well-maintained and occasionally charge a nominal fee. Aesthetically designed, with lawns, glass-houses, flower beds, lotus pools, shady bowers and shimmering fountains, the winding pathways by the elegant classical buildings invariably take you to a tranquil haven.

Cubbon Park
Cubbon Park in Bangalore was laid out by Richard Sankey, the chief engineer of Mysore, in the year 1864.The park has some wonderful collection of statues.

They spread across the whole stretch of the park. One of the major attractions of the park is the statue of the 19th century ruler Chamarajendra Wodedeyar (1868- 94). This statue is located near an octagonal bandstand overlooking the pond. Marble statues of Queen Victoria and Edward VII are also kept here. There is also a public library named Sheshadri Iyer Memorial in the middle of the park. The building of the library is red painted and is Neo- Classical in style.

Kariappa Memorial Park in Bangalore was laid out in 1996. This park occupies a portion of the parade ground between M.G. Road and Cubbon Park. This park was laid in the memory of Field Marshall K.M. Kariappa. The 22 acre stretch of the park is divided into six segments. There is also an entrance plaza and a seven feet high monolithic monument of Kariappa. There is also a wonderful man-made waterfall and a pond to attract birds to Kariappa Memorial Park.

Lal Bagh
Lalbagh Botanical Garden of Bangalore is also famous for the Glass House whose design was inspired by the famous Crystal Palace of London. This place was conceptualized as a venue for horticultural shows. John Cameron, the Superintendent of the Lalbagh Botanical Garden during the 1870s, initiated the Glass House project. He is also the person responsible for importing many rare plants from the Kew Gardens in London. The Glass House of Lalbagh Botanical Garden is surrounded by Pencil Cedars and Champaka trees.

Last Updated on : 03/13/2013