Tours From Bhavnagar

Tours from Bhavnagar unveil the surrealistic beauty of the heartland of Gujarat. Situated close to the Gulf of Cambay, the city cradles the culture of the state that is represented in the various tourist destinations.

Tours from Bhavnagar takes one through the princely state that evolved and progressed independently during the British colonial regime. The various tourist centers of Bhavnagar reflect the proverbial Gujarati culture. The exotic landscapes also arouse the romantic ideals in the holiday traveler.

The Enchanting Destinations

Named after the minister of Maharaj Takhtasinhji, Gaurishankar Udayshankar Oza, the Gaurishankar Lake is one of the primary tourist attractions of Bhavnagar. The lake has dried up in the recent past and is presently used as center for cultural events. The exotic Pil Garden nearby is a popular picnic spot visited by the local people and the tourists alike.

Alang is the largest ship breaking yard in India, located between Bhavnagar and Talaja. The close proximity of the yard to the industrial areas and the nature of the tide in this region led to the establishment of the shipping yard at Alang.

Situated at a distance of 10 kilometers from Talaja, the Gopnath Beach was one of the popular seaside retreats for the rulers of Bhavnagar.

Tours from Bhavnagar to Velavadar Sanctuary provide immense satisfaction to the wildlife enthusiasts. Situated in the Bhal region of Saurashtra, the Velavadar Sanctuary preserves the unique ecosystem that supports the grasslands and is also home to the rare black buck species.

Other Alternatives

Other than ambling through the above mentioned tourist destinations, the holiday traveler may visit some of the following sites as well:
  • Gangajaha Takhteshwar
  • Lock Gate
  • Central Salt/MCRI
  • Samaldas College
  • Shihor
  • Mahuva
  • Talaja
  • Palitana
  • Gadhda
  • Khodiyar Mata
The enchanting tourist destinations in and around Bhavnagar captivate the imagination of the traveler with their panoramic beauty.

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Last Updated on 23 July 2012