Calangute Emergency Numbers

Calangute Emergency Numbers provide phone numbers of the police station, post office, health center and pharmacies of this famous town of Goa. One should have these numbers as a ready reckoner when on a trip to Calangute. Calangute police are very friendly and ready to help all the time. The health centre in Calangute is open 24 hours and is equipped to handle any type of emergency. Following is a list of the emergency numbers of Calangute:

  • Calangute Police - 2278084
  • Tourist Police Booth Calangute - 2281238
  • Calangute Health Center - 2276035
  • Walson and Walson Pharmacy - 2276366
  • Calangute Post Office (9 am to 5 pm) - 2276030

    Last Updated on 07 August 2012