Calangute Population

According to the Indian Census Report of 2001, Calangute Population was estimated to be around 15,776. Calangute population has a high sex ratio with almost 54% of the total population being males while 46% are females. The male population of Calangute is 8,463 while the female population is 7,313.

The average literacy rate of Calangute is around 73%. The literacy rate of Calangute is higher than the national average. India's literacy rate stands at 59.5%. Around 11,495 people in Calangute are literates. Among them 4,880 are women and 6,615 are men. Approximately 78% of the males are literate while literacy among women is 67%. Around 10% of Calangute population that totals up to 1,642 is under 6 years of age.

Last Updated on 07 August 2012