Calangute Food

Curry, rice, fish and Feni are the staple Calangute food. Calangute cuisine has many flavours and tastes with its vast treasure trove of culinary delicacies. Many years of Portuguese rule as well as the Islamic and Hindu reigns had left an indelible influence on the food habits of Calangute. There is an exotic array of mouth watering cuisines induced in the culture of the area.

Similar to the quintessential Goan cuisine, Calangute food has a distinct and unique combination of spicy flavors. Sea food features as the primary cuisine in the diet of local people of Calangute. Fried fish and various preparations like ambot-tik and sea food dishes are part of the usual menu. Only during any religious observance, sea food does not feature in the menu.

Calangute food offers a diverse range of delicacies that ranges from chicken to beef, prawns to sausages and numerous other vegetarian dishes. The cuisine of Calangute satisfies even the most particular gourmet's taste bud. Some of the culinary delicacies that are the specialty of this place are Sorpotel and Balchao.

Last Updated on 07 August 2012