Shopping in Dehradun

Shopping in Dehradun is a delightful experience. There are abundant places for shopping in Dehradun. The Paltan Bazaar in Dehradun has a good shopping arcade in the capital city and is the popular shopping haunt of the tourists. Rajpur Road and Ashley Hall areas are the favorite hangouts where you can get exquisite artifacts making your shopping in Dehradun a joyous experience. Apart from Rajpur Road, Ashley Hall, Paltan Bazaar, Dehradun shopping includes shopping at Sahakari Bazaar and Connaught Place where you can buy unique articles at a much affordable prices.

While shopping in Dehradun, don't forget to buy the beautiful handicrafts and some of the specialties of Uttaranchal, readily available in the markets. The exquisite woodcrafts, artifacts and utilities devised by the local artisans out of wood, bamboo and cane are the major attractions while shopping in Dehradun.

Woolen garments like beautiful sweaters, cardigans, shawls made by the Tibetan women are the most wanted items while shopping in Dehradun. Your shopping in Dehradun should not miss the local paintings as well as ornaments.

The old and beautiful city of Dehradun has an array of shopping options. Tourists visiting the place enjoy shopping in Dehradun, while they explore the various tourist attractions in and around the city. Shopping in Dehradun is a wonderful experience where you will find no shopping malls but there are several markets wherefrom you can browse through the unique artifacts, shawls and brass statues available at an affordable price. Dehradun shopping should include beautiful gift items and carpets weaved by the Tibetan refugees and utilities created out of wood, bamboo and cane that are worth buying.

Some of the major shopping sites in Dehradun are as follows :

  • Paltan Bazaar

    This is the place soaked within the fragrance of the Doon Basmati rice. The market is also famous for woolen garments weaved by the local tribes.

  • English Book Depot

    If you are an avid reader, then this is the place for you to get your copy of the latest issue of your favorite author or publisher.

  • Astley Hall

    This market place located at Rajpur Road is a market complex which sells the local crafts work and other items.

  • Mall Road

    This is one of the popular shopping area of the tourists. Here also you can get the above mentioned shopping items.

Apart from the above mentioned sites, there are some other shopping sites in Dehradun such as Sahakari Bazaar, Rajpur Road and Connaught Place. Shopping is fun at these shopping sites in Dehradun.

Last Updated on 14 March 2013