Thol Wildlife Sanctuary at Mehsana

The Thol Wildlife Sanctuary at Mehsana spreading over a petite plot only measuring 6.99 square kilometers is every bird-watcher's dream come true. The Thol Wildlife Sanctuary at Mehsana that is dedicated to serve as the habitation of Water Birds, is situated at a stone's throw from the city of Ahmedabad.

This domicile devoted to the Water Birds is also renowned for the scenic grandeur that showers from every corner of it.

If you desire to observe Water Birds in their natural habitat peacefully and without any sudden and unsettling interruption, Thol Wildlife Sanctuary at Mehsana is the venue for you.

The solitary turn off associated with the Thol Wildlife Sanctuary at Mehsana is the commotion that is solely induced by the traffic of small boats and canoes disrupting the pristine and placid ambiance of this Water Bird Sanctuary.

The Thol Wildlife Sanctuary situated at Mehsana is in fact a man-constructed artificial tank utilized mainly for irrigation purposes that possesses 1450 hectares of command plot and 153 square kilometers of catchment plot.

Being sited at the north-western frontier of Ahmedabad, the Thol Wildlife Sanctuary at Mehsana gained acceptance as a sanctuary in the month of November, 1988 as referred by Wildlife(Protection) Act, Section 18, dated back to 1972.

The Thol Wildlife Sanctuary in Mehsana mainly houses a wide variety of Waterfowls. They aggregate here in thousands during the later part of the year stretching from the month of November to January.

Tour Hints for you:-
Do not forget to bring your binoculars or telescopes.

Last Updated on : 30 September 2011