Kutch Bustard Sanctuary

The Kutch Bustard Sanctuary was set up in the year 1992 over a relatively slender area measuring about 2 square kilometers, in the throbbing grasslands belonging to the Abdusa Taluka, flourishing with avifaunistic and craniate life-forms.

The woods adjunct to the rural settlements of Jakau and Budia are gobbled up by the Kutch Bustard Sanctuary in order to provide sufficient space for the resident creatures to thrive.

The Kutch Bustard Sanctuary provides a comfy domicile for the endangered species of 'The Great Indian Bustard'.

This exquisite bird comes in a gorgeous blend of two colors, namely lush brown and serene white and is regarded as 'Ardeotis nigriceps' in textbooks concerned with zoology.

The Kutch Bustard Sanctuary does not cover a great expanse of land but eventually came to the limelight when 'The Great Indian Bustards' were on the verge of extinction from Gujarat. It gained recognition as the sole abode dedicated to the protection and rearing of this magnificent creature.

Other interests in the Kutch Bustard Sanctuary are listed below:- r Hints for you :-
  • Best time to pay a visit extends from late monsoon to winter.

  • Closest bus stop is located about 20 kilometers away at Nalia.

  • Closest Railway junction is also Nalia.

  • Closest airport is situated at a distance of 110 kilometers at Bhuj.

Last Updated on : 30 September 2011