Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajkot

The Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajkot was set up in the year 1988 by the Government, post its acquisition in the year 1975 by them. The Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajkot was granted the status of a 'reserve' forest in the year of 1983. Prior to the year 1975, the Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajkot served as the shooting reserve that belonged to the former princely state of Wankaner also known as Central Saurashtra.

The Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajkot is renowned for housing an entire troop of mammoth antelopes, regarded as the Indian Blue Bulls, popularly addressed by the name 'Nilgai', which is its rough translation in the regional dialect. These mesmerizing creatures truly reflect the artistic grace and vivid adeptness with which the Almighty has created us all. The males belonging to this species are emblazoned in a pitch black complexion that distinctly demarcates them from their female counter-parts. Regarded as 'Boselaphus tragocamelus' in scientific terms, the Nilgai is indeed a spectacle to witness and will leave you spellbound at the hands of its ecstatic splendor.

The watershed that is adjunct to the river Machcchu is periodically washed out by a couple of streams reckoned as 'Vaghrigalo Vonklo' and 'Pat a gala vonklo'. The Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary at Rajkot also possesses a Watch-Tower erected on an unfertile land that presents a panoramic view of the entire sanctuary to the eager visitants. Accessibility to the Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary of Rajkot is also perfectly planned by virtue of the Tar Road that is situated at a distance of approximately 5 to 10 kilometers from the fringe of the sanctuary.

Special Attractions:-
  • Plants belonging to more than 280 species can be witnessed at Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary situated in Rajkot.

  • More than 130 species of birds can be viewed.

  • Reptiles are also found in Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary located in Rajkot and in 20 different species.

  • The mammals also dominate here and they belong to 20 taxonomic categories.

Last Updated on : 30 September 2011