Vansda National Park

The Vansda National Park at Navsari was established in 1979 in Navsari district of Gujarat. The Vansda National Park in Gujarat is spread over an area of 24 square kilometers, in the mountains of Western Ghats or Sahyadris. The Vansda National Park of Gujarat is extremely dense and harbors a wide variety of flora and fauna. The Vansda National Park is maintained by the government of Gujarat and a unique protected area of the state.

The Vansda National Park in Gujarat has mainly moist deciduous and dry deciduous forest and bamboos, tall teak trees, orchids, mango groves and gigantic creepers are the predominant trees of the forest. At present the Vansda National Park at Gujarat has more than 250 species of plants including variety of rare wild animals.

The landscape around the Vansda National Park of Gujarat is very beautiful, surrounded with trees, small streams and valleys. The Vansda National Park has Ambika river flowing across its north eastern boundary. If you wish to visit the Vansda National Park in Gujarat, you can take permission from the Chief Wildlife Warden of Gandhinagar.

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  • Civets
  • Giant squirrels
  • The Vansda National Park of Gujarat is the home to 115 species of birds some of which are only found in the Western Ghats which are as follows:
    • Great Black Woodpecker
    • Malabar Trogon
    • Shama
    • Emerald Dove
    • Grey Hornbill
    • Racket-Tailed Drongo
    • Paradise Flycatcher
    • Leaf birds
    • Thrushes
    • Sunbirds
    • Pea fowls
    • Thrushes

    Last Updated on : 30 September 2011