St Mary's Cathedral Church, Jalandhar

St Mary's Cathedral Church, Jalandhar was constructed by Rev. Fr. John Macodnnel, Q.F.M.CAP of the Vicariate Apostolic of Agra. The Old Church was built in honor of St. Patrick in 1947, while in the year 1986, the cornerstone for the new church was laid. The design of St Mary's Cathedral Church reflects the unique cosmo-culture of the Punjabi tradition of the state.

The church was maintained by many chaplains, who were nominated to Jalandhar from the Diocese of Lahore. In 1955, after the partition, the Catholic Mission of the Indian state of Punjab received the status of Apostolic Prefecture and it's headquarter were located at Jalandhar. St Mary's Cathedral Church at Jalandhar Cantonment was declared as the Cathedral or the Mother Church of Punjab.

On 15th February, 1987, the demolition of the old church was initiated and the foundation stone for the new church was laid on 19th April, 1987 by Rt. Rev. Dr. Symbhorian Keeprath Bishop of Jalandhar Diocese. The new church received the blessings of His Holiness Pope John Paul II in February, 1986.

Special importance was given on the architecture of St Mary's Cathedral Church, Jalandhar so that it reflects the secular character of India. The presence of many religious leaders made the inauguration ceremony of the new church a memorable day. It was inaugurated by Archbishop Agostino Cacciavillan, who was the Vatican Ambassador to the ceremony. The new church also blessed by Archbishop Jose Sanchez, who was specially deputed by Pope John Paul II from Rome.

Last Updated on 17th Dec 2012