Places to Visit in Patnitop

Places to See in Patnitop


Kud is a place in Jammu and Kashmir, located nearly 103 km from Jammu at an altitude of 1,738 meters above sea level. It is situated in the lower Himalayan Range with Chenab River flowing besides it.

You can get trekking gears of your choice from the nearby shops in exchange of a security deposits. Foreigners need to deposit their passports as an identity proof. If you visit Kud for sightseeing, you should take along heavy woollens during winter. In summer season, tourists should take light or medium clothing with them. If you want to taste the sweet delicacy of the place, try fresh patisa. Reaching this place is not at all difficult. You can get buses, taxis, and other services to reach Kud or to roam around the city.

Nag Temple

This is a very old temple, which is over six hundred years old. It is built on woods and is doing fine, even after wading through thunder storm, rain, snow, and other natural conditions. It is also known as the Cobra Temple. This temple is situated in the green forest, giving it the required mystic feel. Hundreds and thousands of devotees visit this temple on Nag Panchami to worship King Cobra. Its actual location is at Mantalai of Krimchi. People say that this is the oldest temple in the place.


Situated 2,024 meters above sea level, Madhatop is a preferred tourist destination. To reach there, you have to trek a distance of 5 km along Sanasar Road from Patnitop. You can reach this place by travelling a distance of 112 km from Jammu. It is very popular among the adventure lovers. However, the place is becoming a haven for honeymooners too because of sublime beauty of the place.

Winter is the best time for the ski lovers as the snow covered slope will give them the perfect opportunity to get thrilled. Even if you are naive to skiing, try it. Don't forget to visit the fresh water springs.


In the Jammu province, there are two villages called Sana and Sar and the name of Sanasar was derived by combining their names.
Sanasar is another favourite destination of tourists who visit Jammu and Kashmir and is located at a distance of 17 km from Patnitop at an altitude of 2,050 meters above sea level beside NH 1A. It is also popular among adventurists. If you want to have a great view of Kishtwar or western Himalayas, you will get it from Natha Top, situated only 11 km away from Patnitop.

From here you can also have a great view of lower Shivalik range. Along the way from Natha Top to Sanasar, you can check out Shanta Ridge to the right. You can also see Shank Pal Nag temple, located 2,800 meters above sea level. The best period to visit this place is between May and June and September to October. While visiting Sanasar, you should not miss Wilderness Adventure Camps, Shank Pal Temple, Tandem Paragliding Joyrides, Rock climbing, Trekking trails, Surni Kund, and Shanta Gala.

Sudh Mahadev Temple

You will find a Shiva Lingam made up of natural black marble and Trishul (or Trident) of Lord Shiva along with mace of Bheema (mythological character from Mahabharat) inside the temple. This famous temple is as old as 2,800 years. Devotees take a dip in the natural spring near this temple called Pap Nashni Bowli because they believe it will relieve them from all their sins. During June and July a three day festival is celebrated here. This holy temple is located very near to Patnitop and is at an altitude of 1,225 meters from the sea level. Shudh Mahadev Temple is only 120 km away from city of Jammu near Patnitop.

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