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Amarnath is the name of a mountain located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in the northern part of the country of India. This Mount Amarnath is mainly famous for the Amarnath Caves, which are among the well known holy shrines of the Hindu religion. This shrine is more than 5,000 years old and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
This cave of Amarnath is located at an altitude of 3,888 m and is known for the ice lingams or formations situated within the cave. Earlier, the place was even called as 'Amareshwara' This temple in Amarnath is one of the holiest Hindu pilgrimages in India. Every year, during the months of July and August, the famous Amarnath Yatra takes place, when the place is visited by around 400,000 people.


Though the Amarnath Caves themselves do not house any prominent shopping areas, but a traveler, who is very much fond of shopping can explore the markets of Pahalgam, which is known for its wool as well as woolen products. Apart from Namdas and Gabbas, two of the specialties of the place, the local shops based there even store items like jewelry boxes made of stone and wood, mirror frames, woolen shawls, furnishing material with crewel embroidery and accessories and furniture made of walnut wood that are featured with intricate designs carved over them.

Places to see in and around Amarnath

  • Amarnath Temple or Cave- This is the place where life's secret was explained to Goddess Parvati by her divine consort God Shiva.

  • Buddha Amarnath Temple- It is located at Poonch and in known for its annual Buddha Amarnath Yatra.

  • Chandanwari- It is the starting point of the Amarnath Yatra.

  • Ice Formations- The cave temple houses two separate formations of ice that represent Goddess Parvati and God Ganesha.

  • Ice Stalagmite- Located within the main cave of Mount Amarnath it is the main attraction of the place. It resembles the Shiva Linga and waxes during the period in between the months of May and August.

  • Panchtarni- Situated at just 6 km away from the Amarnath Cave. this is the meeting point of five streams and is the last site for camping before reaching the holy cave.

  • Sheshnag Lake- Nestled within seven peaks this lake has got greenish blue water. which remains ice-covered till the month of June.

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