Language of Kanyakumari

The language of Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu is very rich and there are various languages that are spoken in this district of India. It is diverse in the sense that it varies in types and accents in the different regions and locations of the district. Most of the people speak in Tamil and Malayalam in Kanyakumari. Though in the urban areas people understand English, majority of the district's population speak in Tamil and Malayalam. They are in fact the main languages of the western and northern territory of the district.

The tourists who are taking a trip around the district don't have to face language problems, since Hindi and English can also be used over here. In some of the theaters of Kanyakumari, Hindi movies are shown. They are more or less popular among the natives and are highly watched by the tourists abroad.

Not only in films, language of Kanyakumari is also been used in music and literature. Most of the popular literature of Kanyakumari is written in Malayalam and Tamil and they are highly read by the natives.

Kanyakumari is also quite famous for festivals and colorful events. Here the residents celebrate Keralite (Malayalam) festivals along with the Tamil ones. The most enjoyed among them are Keralite Onam festival and Tamil Pongal festival.

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Last Updated on 9/15/2011