Deshabhimani is one of the most important newspapers in Kochi. Deshabhimani in Kochi largely adheres to the demands of the readers of vernacular readers of Kochi.

Deshabhimani, newspaper written in Malayalam, is conducted by the Communist Party of India. Deshabhimani started as a weekly in 1942, but owing to the great demand of the newspaper, Deshabhimani of Kochi emerged as a daily. Presently, Deshabhimani is published in six different editions in Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Kottayam, Trichur, Kannur and Kozikhode respectively.

Although, Deshabhimani is a newspaper published by the CPM of Kochi; yet the newspaper holds a special position in the household of Kochi. Deshabhimani seems to be an inevitable part of the society of Kochi that helps the people of Kochi to learn about the different socio-political issues prevalent world-wide.

But, the most important role of Deshabhimani at Kochi was to strengthen the roots of the Communist Movement in Kochi. The newspaper served as the platform to project the various principles of the party: it is through the newspaper that the CMP of Kochi ensured public support in Kochi.

Moreover, it is noteworthy although the newspaper emerged in the socio-political scenario of Kochi in 1942; yet, it is only in 1980s that the newspaper got recognition. Since its genesis, journalists and editors have worked day in and day out to make Deshabhimani one of the best newspapers in Kochi. Some of the journalists who deserve special mention in this context are:
  • Sunil P Elayidom
  • CM Abdurahman
  • P Govindapillai
  • Narikkutty
  • A Vijayan
  • John Brittas
  • B Aburaj
  • AV Anilkumar
  • SS Nandakumar
  • Shibu Muhammed
  • K Mohanan, etc.

Last Updated on : 30/08/2013