Newspapers in Kochi

The Week and Deshabhimani Daily are two major newspapers found in Kochi. The newspapers in Kochi serve as a medium of public opinion through which the common masses raise their voice against or in favor of the contemporary socio-political issues.

The newspapers of Kochi are a medium of public awareness. It is through the newspapers that the newspaper agencies inform and advertise about the various issues of the contemporary world. The newspapers in Kochi are the means of self expression through which the general masses can raise their voice against any social evil or practice.

Talking about newspapers, it can be said that the newspapers in Kochi chiefly include:

  • Deshabimani
  • Mathrubhumi
  • Deepika
  • Malayala Manorama
  • Kerala Kaumudi
  • Veekshanam
  • Mangalam, etc.

    These newspapers largely adhere to the rural readers; whereas English dailies of Kochi viz. The Hindu, The Pioneer, Times of India, etc, largely corresponds to the intellectual needs of the urban population.

    In Kochi, newspapers, apart from serving the general needs for the readers, also adheres to certain specific requirements. These newspapers largely contribute towards the business and economy of Kochi, as well as of India. Some of the Kochi newspapers that form an integral part of the finance publication in Kochi are:
    • The Economic Times
    • The Business Standard
    • The Financial Express
    • Business Line, etc.
    It can, thus, be said that the newspapers at Kochi offer a huge variety for the readers: newspapers in Kochi ranges from regular dailies to specialized news article that are meant for special cause and purposes. The newspapers of Kochi, in this respect, are, indeed, a medium that helps the inhabitants of Kochi to keep abreast with the problems and challenges of the contemporary world.

    Last Updated on : 30/08/2013