Weather in Cochin

This page gives an account of Weather in Cochin that lies 3 meters above sea level lining 30 miles of seacoast in the Western Ghats.

Located about 10 degrees north of the equator the capital city of Cochin experiences a moderately hot and humid Weather throughout the year. Cochin covers an area of 87.5 km2 with little or no difference in summers and winters temperature.

Cochin experiences a typical tropical climate with no rigorous extremities. The temperatures fluctuates between 20°C to 35 °C throughout the year making summers and winters inseparable in the seaside town.

The high temperature recorded in Cochin is 38 °C while 17 °C is the lowest temperature recorded in the city. Comfortable and pleasant weather makes the place a good tourist destination all the year around. So Cochin is an evergreen destination 365 days of the year.

The sea side city of Cochin experiences heavy monsoons from June to September. Tourist enjoy visiting Cochin during the monsoon months as it is a pleasant experience all together. Monsoons arrive with the advent of the South-West monsoon winds.

Heavy rain followed by thunder and lightening are common during the monsoons months in Cochin. The months of October to December gets light showers due to the North-West monsoon winds passing through the place.

The average annual rainfall of Cochin is 350 cm and the maximum amount of rainfall are brought by the South-West monsoon. The winds blow moderately through the seaside town but increases slightly during summer months and blows heavily in the monsoons.

Last Updated on : 30/08/2013