Nightlife in Kochi

Nightlife in Kochi is not as active as other parts of South India: yet nightlife of Kochi has its distinct cultural fervor.

Unlike the nightlife of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc, the nightlife in Kochi is not very vibrant and active. Yet the distinct cultural trait of Kochi makes the nightlife of Kochi gorgeous in its own unique way. In fact, Kochi nightlife largely depends of Kathakali and Kalaripayattu performances.

The Kathakali performance seems to be an integral part of the nightlife at Kochi. Kathakali is one of the most popular forms of dance in Kochi that largely contributes towards the nightlife of Kochi. Kathakali depicts the inherent cultural heritage of the land: the dance form depicts the myth about deities, demons, sages, soldiers, etc, of Kochi. Moreover, the performer wears rich jewelry and gorgeous clothes in order to add delight to the dance form, which would in turn enhance the enjoyment of the nightlife revelers.

Although, Kathakali is an integral part of the nightlife in Kochi; yet we also come across various other forms of nightlife at Kochi. Among the other aspects of the nightlife of Kochi are bars, pubs and discos. Some of the important bars and pubs of Kochi are:
  • Bar of Taj Malabar
  • Jules Bar in Le Meridien
  • Bar of Gokulam Park Inn
  • Bar of Hotel Abad Plaza
  • Bar of Casino Hotel
  • Bar of Grand Hotel, etc.
It is noteworthy in this context that most of the hotels, especially the five-star and other such hotels, contain a bar and pub inside its premises. The bar and pubs of the 5 Star Hotels in Kochi enhances the nightlife at Kochi.

The nightlife at Kochi is unique its own way.

Last Updated on : 30/08/2013



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