Malayala Manorama

Malayala Manorama in Kochi is one of the largest circulated newspapers in the territory. Malayala Manorama of Kochi is a popular newspaper, which is published in Malayalam.

In Kochi, Malayala Manorama is published under the Manorama group of newspapers. It is estimated that Malayala Manorama currently includes a readership of more than 15 million readers: a total of over 15 lakhs copies of Malayala Manoarama is released for circulation.

Besides, the Manorama group contains a number of other newspapers, magazines and journals. Some of these are: Vanitha
The Week
Manorama Weekly
Magic Pot
Manorama Varshikapathippu
Ente Malayala
Vijayveedhi, etc.

Moreover, talking about the genesis of Malayala Manorama, it can be said that Malayala Manorama was founded in 1888, but the first issue was published in 1990. It is noteworthy that the newspaper was entangled in a deep controversy around 1930s, when the publication of Malayala Manorama was blocked. But, the newspapers seem to have survived from the long crisis that lurked on its shoulders. Today, Malayala Manorama at Kochi is the most widely read newspaper, which has become an important constituent of the household of Kochi.

It is due to the endeavor of some of the eminent journalists that Malayala Manorama has gained its present status. Among the famous journalists of Malayala Manorama are:
EV Krishna Pillai
TVR Shenoy
K Padmanabhan Nair
KR Chummar
Moorkoth Kunjappa
KM Tharakan
TKG Nair
Babu Chengannoor
V K Bhargavan Nair
Vaikkom Chandrasekharan Nair, etc.

Last Updated on : 30/08/2013