DC Books

DC Books is an ISO Certified Publishing House of Kottayam, which was established in 1974 by D C Kizhakemuri. The preceding 30 years saw a remarkable performance of DC Books. The DC Books is one of the eminent publishing houses in Kottayam and is the first to get an ISO Certification in India. This premier publishing house of Kottayam has published almost 6500 different books on various subjects.

There are about 34 DC bookshops stationed in Kerala. Today, DC Books publishes 1000 titles in a year pertaining to different categories such as fiction, poetry, management, biographies, references, self-help, children's literature and so on. Along with publishing the important works of the famed Indian authors, DC Books also presents a rich kaleidoscopic range of Indian literature. The books are published in several languages like Bengali, English, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil and Marathi.

As the business of DC Books started gaining momentum, it bifurcated into three important publishing houses, each dealing with specific categories. Thus, DC Books now consists of DC Books, Kairali Mudralayam and Kairali Children's Book Trust.

In India, DC Books is a leader in publishing children's books. The Kairali Children's Book Trust of DC Books, solely specializes in children's literature. The books brought out by DC Books range from Malayalam classics to educational books, fiction and non fiction works. Vayanakootam and VIP KIDS Book Club are two schemes meant for children offered by the DC Books. Balapadam is a series of six books published by the DC Books with the aim of providing free books to children on World Book Day, which is celebrated on 23rd April.

D C Infotech is an important branch of DC Books, which was awarded Best Multimedia CD-ROM Award 2000 from Chip Magazine. D C Infotech was awarded with this honor for inventing the CD ROM in an Indian Language. This shows that DC Books has not only established its name in the world of publishing, but have also achieved greater heights in the field of Information Technology.

DC Books have also established book clubs, organized interesting book fairs and provided beneficial prepublication offers.

Last Updated on 09/05/2013