Kottayam Industries

Kottayam industries form the backbone of the economy of Kottayam and have developed to a large extent over the years. There are in total 11 large scale as well as medium scale industries in the city of Kottayam. Mini industrial estates are 12 in number, while 12,000 small scale industrial units are present at Kottayam. The agriculture based Kottayam Industries have attained the maximum amount of boost in the region. Due to the increase in the rubber production and the introduction of the modernized techniques for processing, the rubber based Kottayam Industries units have also increased to a large extent.

The rubber industry is one of the most important industries of Kottayam that is followed by other industries. The large scale production of rubber has favored the growth of the rubber industry in Kottayam. The rubber based Kottayam Industries accounts for almost 25% of the total production of rubber in India. It is estimated that there are almost 2000 rubber based units in Kottayam, which employ modern techniques and equipments in the production and processing of rubber. The Rubber Board and Rubber Research Institute of India are based in Kottayam. The establishment of tyre industry in Kottayam has further intensified the growth of the rubber industry.

There are two kinds of rubber industries in Kottayam, out of which, one is the processing unit and other is the manufacturing unit. The processing industries of Kottayam make use of the latex or rubber wood. On the other hand, the rubber manufacturing Kottayam Industries are concerned with dry rubber. The second group of industries is also known as the capital intensive industries, which in turn have two categories. One section bases itself on latex, for the production of balloons, gloves, rubber band and latex foam. The other section uses dry rubber sheets, for the production of tubes and tyres, erasers, automobile parts and molded goods.

Wood industry is another important industry of Kottayam. Different types of timber wood are available in the surrounding areas of Kottayam. This has favored the growth of almost 1300 wood producing and processing units in Kottayam.

Kottayam presents the best backdrop to support the growth of Agro industries. Kottayam is self sufficient in the production of raw materials like spices, coconut, meat, milk, and paddy. All these favor the Agro industries in this region.

Another important section of Kottayam industries is the Cottage and Village Industries. These industries are promoted by the Khadi and Village Industries Board (KVIB) and Khadi and Village Industries Commission KVIC/KVIB. The programs like IRDP and PMRY that are sponsored by the government also contribute to the development of the Cottage and village industries.

The Raw Material Based Industries are other important industrial units of Kottayam, which basically include the rubber plants. These industries account for more than 35,000 varieties of products.

The Small Scale Industries or the SSI is also a vital part of the Kottayam Industries. According to the statistics taken in the year 1996, there are 15,009 registered SSI in the region of Kottayam. Among these SSI, 1730 got registered during 1995-96, while 1569 were already registered in 1993-94 and 1655 got registered in 1994-95.

The high level of technical and educational qualifications among the citizens has given rise to the Skill Based Industries in Kottayam. The spice manufacturing industries of Kottayam are also major contributors to the economy of the State.

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