Kottayam Tourist Attractions

Kottayam tourist attractions cover scenic, religious, historical and cultural sites such as Thirunakkara Mahadevar Shiva Temple, Thazhathangadi Juma Masjid, Pallipurathu Kavu, Vimalagiri Church, Valiyapally, Cheriyapally, Good Shepherd Church Kottayam, Kodimatha Boat Jetty.

The temples of Kottayam like the Thirunakkara Mahadevar Shiva Temple boast of a magnificent architecture along with a rich historical past. There are more than 50 temple shrines located in Kottayam each one unique in its architectural style. The churches and mosques are also major tourist attractions that have become an integral part of the Kottayam tourism heritage.

Some of the tourist places of Kottayam like Thazhathangadi Juma Masjid, are located near Kottayam, while others such as Pallipurathu Kavu temple are situated within the geographical premises of this district of Kerala.

Apart from religious places, Kottayam is also popular for many cultural events like boat racing. Boat racing has become one of the annual events of Kottayam which is attended by many tourists from different parts of India and even from other countries.

The bird sanctuaries, enchanting backwaters and the lush green plantations offer an ideal framework for eco tourism and features as one of the prominent tourist attractions of Kottayam. Blessed with a natural splendor and religious bliss, Kottayam tourist attractions captivate the imagination of one and all.

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Last Updated on 05 May 2011