Travel Guide to Kottayam

Travel Guide to Kottayam furnishes basic information required by the tourists to plan a vacation to this picturesque town of Kerala. Getting around Kottayam is never a problem; Kottayam holiday tours can be as interesting and exciting as possible, provided the travelers are accompanied with a Travel Guide to Kottayam.

Kottayam Guide

Kottayam travel guide essentially contains the following first-hand information about the town and its whereabouts:
  • Located next to the beautiful Lake Vembanad and overlooking the rolling Western Ghats, the scenic setting of Kottayam is an attraction in itself, for all the nature-loving tourists. The serenity of the backwaters surrounded by palms and the panoramic view of vast stretches of plush green meadows add to the natural grandeur of the town.

  • September to March is the best time for visiting Kottayam, owing to its comparatively cool and dry climate and a mild drop in the temperature.

  • Kottayam is well-accessed by excellent rail-road-air-waterways.
Airways: The Ernakulam airport is only 65 kilometers from Kottayam, operating local flights. The Cochin International Airport is 93 kilometers away, connecting the town with national and international destinations like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kozhikode, Coimbatore, Trivendrum, Middle-Eastern countries, Singapore, Colombo and all. Flights operating from Kochi International Airport include Jet Airways, Indian Airlines, Srilankan Airlines, Air India, Gulf Travelers and many more.

Roadways: Kottayam road transports include efficient bus and taxi services, auto and cycle rickshaws, ideal for local sightseeing purposes. The buses are equipped with luxurious features like comfortable seats, air conditions and so on. Rental cars are the next best alternatives to the buses, ensuring comfortable, convenient and luxurious travel.

Railways: The Kottayam rail station is merely 2 kilometers away from the bus terminus, operating both local and long-haul trains (express and non-express types).

Waterways: Ferry service is the only mode of water transport available in Kottayam. The town's principal ferry station is located within 3 kilometers from the rail station, offering frequent services to surrounding areas via the charming backwaters. href="flights.html" class="pathlink">Flights to Kottayam
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