Kottayam to Thrikkodithanam Temple

A weekend tour from Kottayam to Thrikkodithanam Temple is rather rejuvenating. The Thrikkodithanam Temple is located in a beautiful town Changanasserry, which is 23 km. from Kottayam. The structure of Thrikkodithanam Temple is represents the Kerala style of architecture. The Sreekovil of the temple is circular and covered with copper. Sreekovil is that part of the temple where the idol has been placed.

Devotees venture out on a short trip from Kottayam to Thrikkodithanam Temple. The temple is visited by pilgrims to get a glimpse of the idol of Vishnu, to whom the temple is dedicated. One of the most important religious sites, this temple is considered to be one among the 108 temples and heavenly abodes of Vishnu.

The 18th century inscriptions on the Thrikkodithanam temple is of great historical significance. The 'Deepam' festival is one of the most important festivals celebrated in the months of November to December. During this period huge number of tourists visit the temple and witness s this grand festival. The best time to visit the temple is during this festival. The temple can be reached very easily by hired private cars and regular public buses which ply between these destinations. The rolling plains and the mountains in Kottayam offers a stunning backdrop during the trip from Kottayam to Thrikkodithanam Temple.

Last Updated on 05 May 2011