Lakshadweep Real Estate

Lakshadweep Real Estate conjures up the image of long stretches of sun baked golden sea beaches. The economy of the Lakshadweep Real Estate depends entirely on the booming local tourist industry.

The 'Real Estate' term signifies land and anything that is permanently attached to the land. Lakshadweep Real Estate consists of beachfront property and adjoining areas. Lakshadweep consists of twelve coral atolls, three coral reefs, five banks and a number of islets. The total land area is 32 square kilometers.

Lakshadweep has splendid scenic appeal for tourists. This is partly due to its isolation from the Indian mainland. The scenic appeal attracts tourists-both Indian and foreign nationals. Tourism is the major source of revenue in Lakshadweep. The tourism industry determines land prices in different locations of Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep consists of 36 islands of which humans inhabit only 10 islands. The Real Estate scene in Lakshadweep comprises of these 10 islands. The notable among them are:
  • Kadmath: Kadmath is 8 kilometers long lagoon. The best attractions are long sandy beaches and small sandy banks. Kadmath is ideal for sunbathing. The real estate in Kadmath comprise of tourist huts situated in coconut palm groves on the beach. There is also a water sports training facility. A scuba diving center is also present on the island.

  • Bangaram: The real estate of Bangaram consists of an exclusive tourist resort for the well-heeled tourist. There is also a heliport for transferring the visitor from Agatti.

  • Kavaratti: Kavaratti is the administrative headquarters of Lakshadweep island chain. The real estate scene in Lakshadweep is most developed here-the direct result of the proximity to government departments.

  • Kalpeni

  • Minicoy

  • Agatti: The airport is situated in Agatti. There is also a 20-bed tourist facility with all modern facilities.

Last Updated on 02 April 2013