Population of Lakshadweep

The smallest union territory of India is the Lakshadweep. It is an archipelago, formed of the coral islands. There are thirty six islands in this archipelago, out of which the number of inhabited islands is only ten.

The total area ofLakshadweep islands is 32 sq km. The total population of Lakshadweep is 64,429 according to the census of 2011. Out of the total population, the total number of males is 33,106 and the number of females is 31,323. The population density per sq km is 2,013. The capital of the Lakshadweep islands is Kavaratti. The geographical Coordinates of these islands are 10.57°N 72.63°E.

The population of Lakshadweep is classified into Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes. There have been a number of people who come to these islands from different parts of India. Thus people from outside Lakshadweep also inhabit the islands. The mother tongue of the local people of the islands of Lakshadweep other than the Minicoy islands is Malayalam. The people of Minicoy speak Mahl. The migrants in Lakshadweep, comprising the Lakshadweep population speak languages like Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, English, Gujarati, Oriya and Tamil.

The population of Lakshadweep is divided into many classes. In the Laccadive Islands the classes like Koyas, Malacheris and Malmis reside. There are other classes like Raveries, Thakurs and Manikfans inhabit the Minicoy Island. In Amini, people belonging to Tarwad, Kudiatis and Tanakam-pranaver reside. The classes of Lakshadweep reflect the traditional culture and heritage of the islands of the union territory of Lakshadweep. Among the population of Lakshadweep, Muslims occupy a major section. The other religions of Lakshadweep people are Christianity and Hinduism.

Last Updated on 02 April 2013