Rahala Waterfalls

Manali is often referred to as the Switzerland of the East, and truly so, the bout of natural splendor in Manali knows no bound. The Rahala Waterfalls in Manali is an integral part of the Himalayan ecstasy. Gushing down from an altitude of 2,501 meters, the Rahala Waterfalls is a product of melting glaciers. The scenic uniqueness of this natural waterfall has made it one of the primary tourist spots in the whole of Manali.

Lying on the way to the Rotang Pass the Rahala Waterfalls is located 16 Kilometers from Manali and 4 kilometers away from Kothi. The area around the Rahala Waterfalls is absolutely marvelous and the location also allows a picture perfect view of the surrounding areas. The pleasant view twined with the sound of the gushing water makes Rahala Waterfalls an ideal picnic spot. Just beyond the Rahala Waterfalls is the white glacier of Rotang Pass.

Reaching the Rahala Waterfalls is not a problem. Bhuntar is the closest Airport to the region and the important towns of Kullu and Manali are located at a distance of 9 Kilometers and 49 Kilometers respectively. One can always take the train to Manali and then take a bus or car to the waterfall.

Last Updated on 13 June 2011