Lakshadweep Administrative Map

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Administrative Map of Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep Administrative Map

Lakshadweep, earlier known as the Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi Islands are a group of islands located 200-440 km off the South Western coast of India.
This group of Islands is a Union Territory and is governed by the Union Government of India. As the smallest Union Territory of India, the Lakshadweep Islands cover an area of just 32 km sq and have a population of 64,429 (2011 Census).

Inhabitants of this island are ethnically very similar to the Malyalis of Kerala and the languages spoken here are Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Mahi and Telegu. Kavaratti is the capital of Lakshadweep and comes under the jurisdiction of the Kerala High Court.

Most of the population on the Lakshadweep Islands follows Islam and the main occupation of people here is fishing and coconut cultivation.

Administration of Lakshadweep Islands:

Lakshadweep is considered as a single Indian District and is governed by an administrator appointed by the President of India. The territory has 10 sub-divisions and in Minicoy and Agatti the sub division is under a Deputy Commissioner, who also acts as a District Magistrate and look over matters related to District Administration, such as revenue, land settlement and law and order. The District Magistrate is assisted by an Additional District Magistrate and 10 Executive Magistrates. The Inspector General of Lakshadweep Police has command over the Lakshadweep Police.

Islands of Lakshadweep:
  • Minicoy
  • Kalpeni
  • Androth
  • Agatti
  • Kavaratti
  • Amini
  • Chetlat
  • Bitra
  • Bangaram
  • Kadmat
  • Kiltan

Tourism in Lakshadweep Islands: The tourism industry is relatively new in Lakshadweep and every tourist going to Lakshadweep (Indian or otherwise) needs a special permit, which can be obtained by government tour operators and hotels. For foreign tourists, accommodation booked in advance is a pre requisite. Foreign tourists are also prohibited from traveling to the islands of Agatti, Bangaram and Kadmat.

Some of the popular islands of Lakshadweep are Kadmat, Kavaratti, Kalpeni, Bangaram and Agatti. Tourists can enjoy leisure boat tours, scuba diving, yachting, pedal boating, swimming, snorkeling and sun bathing, including a visit to the Marine Museum and the Lighthouse on the Minicoy Island.


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