Mumbai Railway Map

Mumbai Railway Map

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Mumbai Railway Map
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*Map Showing the Mumbai Railway Network. Disclaimer

Mumbai Suburban Railway System

The Mumbai suburban railway is a mass transit system carrying more than 7.24 million people daily. Though it seems a bit crowded, it effectively handles the highest passenger density compared to any other mass transit system in the world. The Mumbai people call it the "local." The Mumbai suburban railway is very old, in fact as old as the very first railway systems developed by the British. In India, when the East India Company transferred power to the Queen in 1850s, the first passenger train ran on Indian tracks between Victoria Terminus and Thane.

Geography and Traffic influx of Mumbai
Mumbai is situated along the Mumbai harbor and Arabian Ocean, so it is mostly along the north-south coastal strip and that's the reason Mumbai local mass transit system is ideal for the urban transportation needs, where a commuter may have to travel as far as 120 km daily and back. Furthermore because of the geographical spread and congestion on Mumbai roads, the rail network becomes the lifeline of the city. Mumbai handles an astronomical number of migrants and local commuters due to its status as the financial capital, city of glamour and films and exporting hub of India. In recent decades Mumbai population has almost tripled and city's road network is unable to handle such huge traffic influx. It also raises safety issues.


The Western railways are also working on a metro and a monorail system. This is estimated to ease the congestion and safety issues to a great extent. Suburban railways cover 470 kms; it is run by electric multiple units, which are also known as EMUs. Around 2342 local trains run simultaneously to provide a huge infrastructural support to this great mega city of the world. These trains have sets of 9, 12 and 15 cars.

Main divisions of Mumbai Suburban Railway System
Two zonal railway networks viz. Western Railway and Central Railway run the huge suburban local train network. They also provide fast corridors for long distance trains. Mumbai suburban railway system is divided into four parts to facilitate smooth functioning and these are Central Line, Western Line, Harbor Line and Thane-Vashi-Panvel Line. These routes are again divided into multiple lines to cover vast Mumbai regions.

Last Updated on : February 13, 2019