Service providers of Mumbai

The urban metropolis of Mumbai, with its bustling industries, abounds in burgeoning Service Providers. The service provides of Mumbai provide wide-ranging services ranging from accountant consultants, placement agencies, architects, astrologers, salons to travel agencies.

Mumbai houses some of the country's leading accountancy firms. These firms advise their clients on accounting, taxation, auditing, company secretarial, VAT registration, corporate law matters, finance, tax, business management, book-keeping, income and service tax, company law and comprehensive range of internal and management audit, concurrent audit, systems study, design and evaluation. Besides they also provide income-tax consultations, corporate finance services, corporate law services, US GAAP restatement, foreign exchange and regulatory consulting, restructuring and valuations, accounting and corporate support, attestation and management assurance and transaction support assistance.

Mumbai city is renowned for housing some of the country's highest skyscrapers and plush residences. The city also houses several steel and glass business powerhouses, clubs, shopping malls, multiplexes and exquisite temples depicting traditional Indian architecture. Thus there are a plethora of architects and interior decorators mushrooming in the city. These agencies are responsible for providing the decor of residential and commercial complexes, corporate offices, institutional projects, hospital projects, health club, retail, entertainment complexes and restoration and extension of old temples as well as constructing new Indian temples.

Mumbai, the 'byte-basket' of India's booming Information Technology provides comprehensive Information Technology enabled Services via its abundant off-shore call centers and business process management solutions, IT consultancies, systems development, BPO, ERP solutions, data warehousing, CRM and medical transcription services, medical billing, medical coding and medical claims management services etc.

Mumbai city records the world's fourth largest populace. Thus these are numerous taxis and private car rental agencies providing economic, medium range as well as luxurious transport for the citizens as well as for tourists sightseeing in Mumbai. The city also offers trusted security services.

Another burgeoning Service Provider in Mumbai is the Placement agencies. These agencies specialize in management training and development and manpower recruitment.

They offer the youth of the city seeking employment lucrative jobs in Sales and Marketing, Banking, Information Technology and Telecom sector.

Last Updated on 19 May 2011