Incredible Benefits of Honey for Skin, Hair and Health

Benefits of honey on skin, hair and health

We all know that honey is a slathering sticky, sweet substance that is beneficial for our health. But are you aware of its benefits for beauty and skin? Well, if not then we are here to help you out. Read below and find out how this natural ingredient can be used for getting healthy hair and glowing skin.

Following are the Various Benefits of Honey:

For Hair

  • Honey as hair care ingredient

Honey helps in cleaning the hair follicles and minimises clogging which is responsible for hair loss.

  • Prevents hair damage

Honey is rich in antioxidant properties, hence prevents damage and keeps the hair scalp healthy. Honey reduces breakage of hair which is responsible for slowing the hair growth.

  • Moisturises the scalp

Honey is an emollient, which means it can seal the moisture within the scalp and condition it. It also strengthens the hair follicles and helps in curbing hair fall.

  • Promotes hair growth

Honey has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. It prevents infections and soothes from other issues like dandruff and psoriasis. Thus allows unhindered hair growth.

For Skin

  • Heals wounds and burns

Honey has natural antiseptic properties which help in quick healing of scars and wounds. Also, it has antioxidants that are ready to serve as a natural remedy for the skin and bring back its unblemished glory.

  • Fights infection

High viscosity of honey helps in creating a protective barrier for preventing infection. Since ancient times honey has been used to fight infection. The bacteria found in honey can help in treating infections and can also be used as antibiotics.

  • Pore cleanser

Honey clears the dirt from the pores and help in getting rid of blackheads. It also contains antioxidant and antibacterial properties which help in preventing the growth of germs.

  • Moisturises the skin

Honey can moisturise the skin from deep within. The enzymes present in honey seep into the skin and moisturise it from the core and conditions it.

For Health

  • Reduces the risk of cancer

Honey contains flavonoids-antioxidants which help reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease.

  • Prevents acid reflux

Honey provides faster relief in acidity since it has the ability to fight the free radicals. It also works towards treating inflammation in the oesophagus and provides faster relief.

  • Helps in curing diarrhoea

Honey blocks the attachment of the pathogenic bacteria to the intestinal cells, thereby lowering the risk of infection and providing preventive shield to the gastrointestinal tract. Its antibacterial properties also contribute to preventing the bacterial infections which ultimately aid in treating diarrhoea.

  • Relieve cold and cough symptoms

Honey is an effective cough suppressant. It helps in reducing nighttime coughing and cough symptoms by driving away from the bacteria which are responsible for it. A spoonful with minced ginger works wonders for the throat.

  • Relieves hangover

Fructose in honey breaks down the alcohol of the body into harmless by-products, which helps in curing the hangover. Adding sodium to the meal along with honey can cure the hangover at a faster rate.

  • Strengthens immunity system

A kind of honey named manuka honey contains methylglyoxal, a compound which is helpful in boosting the immunity in the human body. This compound also helps in stimulating the production of cytokines, which prepare the immune cells to organise immune responses within the body.

  • Provides relief in nausea

Mixing lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey help in treating nausea. Taking a spoon of apple cider vinegar along can be really beneficial.

(Note- Use cold water to mix all the elements.)

  • Reduces the risk of diabetes

Honey is an ambrosial food for diabetic patients. Instead of consuming sugar, a diabetic patient can consume honey which produces beneficial effects on the blood lipids of diabetic patients.

  • Helps in treating gum diseases

An anti-microbial agent hydrogen peroxide is released from honey which prevents the growth of bacteria. Thus, it helps in treating the gum diseases effectively. Also, rubbing honey directly on the affected gums provides instant relief from pain and inflammation.

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Incredible Benefits of Honey for Skin, Hair and Health
Article Name
Incredible Benefits of Honey for Skin, Hair and Health
We all know that honey is a slathering sticky, sweet substance which is beneficial for our health. Find out how this natural ingredient can be used for getting healthy hair and glowing skin.