Solar Expo 2016

Solar Expo 2016 Gurgaon

Solar Expo 2016 Gurgaon

Solar Expo 2016 is taking place in Gurgaon from 19 to 21 February and brings focus to Gurgaon as an emerging destination for all things solar. The Expo is being supported by MNRE, SECI, IREDA and HAREDA.

The Expo venue is DLF Galleria, DLF Phase-IV in Gurgaon and will be attended by all manufacturers, vendors, buyers and officials related to the solar industry, besides local residents that will soon become stakeholders in the industry as consumers.

Expo focus

The Expo is expected to bring together all stakeholders from manufacturers to consumers of solar power and will focus on the following:

Solar Rooftop Systems

In a major boost to the use of rooftop solar power generating systems, the Government of Haryana passed an order on 3 September mandating all residential buildings on plot sizes 500 sq yard and above to install rooftop solar power generating systems which must generate minimum 1KW or 5% of the grid-based power they consume, whichever is higher. This order alone opens up significant possibilities for rooftop solar power systems in Haryana.

With several state governments also encouraging the use of rooftop solar power systems for electricity generation, the entire supply chain has got enthused. With several manufacturers and installers of such systems participating in the Expo, residents and other potential clients will have the opportunity to meet them and understand the feature-benefits and cost-benefits of installing rooftop solar systems.

Solar Products

Several public and private organizations in India have been developing and installing a host of solar based products and include cooking systems, solar lanterns, solar torch, solar glow sign boards, solar garden lights, solar mobile recharging systems, solar traffic signaling systems, solar security systems and solar water heating systems.  These are now increasingly used in areas where there is little or no steady supply of electricity.

This Expo will showcase the latest in solar based products that are more efficient in harnessing solar power and one will be able to see the most innovative products as well.

Energy Efficient Products

Rapidly improving technologies in solar based LED light bulbs of various capacities for domestic and street lighting, is revolutionizing the efficient energy industry. With increasing use of fossil based electricity only adding to the climate change problem, central and state governments are encouraging the use of solar based LED systems. The Expo provides a good opportunity for all stakeholders in the efficient energy ecosystem to come together and discuss the possibilities.

Energy Storage Systems

One of the biggest challenges in promoting the use of solar has been the energy storage space which has not kept pace with developments in the PV-generated solar energy industry. With greater public and private investment in this sector, the energy storage industry is coming up with more efficient and cost effective solutions. The Expo will see several vendors exhibiting their latest solutions in this segment.

Solar Expo 2016 Exhibitor profile

The exhibitors will include manufacturers of solar systems, component suppliers, distributors, service providers, system integrators, material suppliers, EPCs, and research institutes.

For visitors the entry is free, however, it is advisable to visit the website and pre-register to facilitate the entry process:

Gurgaon – an emerging solar destination

Gurgaon recently earned its place in the global solar map when President Francoise Hollande accompanied Prime Minister Modi to Gurgaon, to inaugurate the interim Secretariat of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) during his state visit to India on 25 January 2016.

National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) in Gurgaon, is providing 5 acres of land for building the ISA Secretariat. With ISA, Gurgaon is now on the International Solar map and one will be hearing a lot more from ISA and its activities not just in India, but across the globe.

India took the lead initiative to bring over 100 solar-resource rich countries to come together in an alliance to promote generation and use of solar energy, in a bid to reduce the global carbon footprint. Solar energy is an important component of the renewable energy program globally, as over 122 countries receive over 300 days of sunlight every year. With emerging and more efficient technologies in solar energy capture and conversion, solar is rapidly emerging as a cost effective alternative to fossil-based energy.

ISA has set itself an ambitious target of raising €1200 billion by 2030 to promote the use of solar power. As part of its commitment, the French Development Agency has committed to invest €300 million to fund initial projects sponsored through ISA.

The Solar Expo 2016 comes at the right time and a visit there would be a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments and how we can adopt the use of solar energy in our daily lives.