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Educational Frauds In India : Fake Universities

Published on: November 30, 2013 | Updated on: June 29, 2016

Fake universities in IndiaIndia records the highest cases of inconsistencies in the background of the job – seekers:

The Background Discrepancy Survey by First Advantage has given India the notorious label of being the centriole of the highest number of cases of employment related inconsistencies. The survey had been carried out globally, and the data had been collected from the employment log of various industries. While an alarming rate of 50% of male job aspirants forging their previous job experience certificates have been exposed, the statistics of 2013 indicates cases of dissonance in the various employment sectors to be 71.5%. 50% of the job seekers with fake credentials pertain to the BFSI segment, with 18% in the IT sector. In the mid – level companies, background checks are usually perfunctory, only the top corporate go for a serious screening of the credentials of the candidate. Educational authorities in Maharashtra, Kerala and several other states, have stumbled upon cases of even professors working for various reputed educational institutes, to be holders of fake credentials. And why should it not be? As per a rough estimate, there are about 2500 fake universities and 7500 fake companies existing in India!

The high rate of unemployment in our country and the exorbitant costs of higher education further fuel the educational fraud rackets, selling forged certificates to the students and job seekers, with the right low on morals and the necessary criminal streak to avail a shortcut to success. It has been found that, not only bogus universities, but also reputed institutes are involved in the forged certificates racket. A decent MBA degree from a reputed institute will cost you a minimum of Rs 7 to 8 lakhs and three years. What, if you get the same degree for one tenth of that amount and in 15 days? Yes, there are many takers, who usually go out of the state they belong to, and apply for jobs in different states, where the chances of getting exposed are even slimmer. While Uttar Pradesh tops the list of bogus universities, Karnataka records the highest number of employment background inconsistency cases. The case of fake companies will be dealt in another article. This article exclusively focuses on the educational fraud rackets. Discussed below are some cases of the fake certificate rackets that had been cracked by the legal authorities.

Cases of fake educational credentials in Maharashtra:

26 universities across the country have been declared fake, and the MPhil and PhD degrees accredited by these universities have been designated worthless, by the Dr. Babasahib Ambedkar Marathawada University (BAMU), which includes, Jagdishprasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University in Rajasthan, Chandra Mohan Jha University (CMJ) in Shillong and the Algappa University in Tamilnadu. The issue was brought under light when three BAMU professors were found to be in possession of degrees accredited by the fake CMJ University. The Maharashtra Government had issued a notice in June 2013 to all universities, to nullify the appointment and other privileges, being enjoyed by professors, who had acquired such positions, on the basis of degrees acquired from the dubious CMJ University. The ensuing investigation revealed 29 other cases of employment, on the basis of fake certificates, in universities of Solapur, Nanded, Gadchiroli and Nagpur. BAMU was envisaged in December 2012, following the instructions of the central directorate of higher education. BAMU adheres to the guidelines provide by the University Grants Commission (UGC). So far BAMU had examined 65 universities, of which 21 were found to be counterfeit, and the Phd and MPhil degrees allocated by five universities under scrutiny were found to be invalid. BAMU is implementing further screening procedures to identify professors employed by various universities with fake credentials!
Cases of fake educational credentials in Vishakhapatnam:
In Vishakhapatnam, the police had arrested four individuals in connection with the fake certificates of a number of universities including secondary education boards of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Among the articles confiscated were two laptops, 300 fake certificates, rubber stamps and other associated materials. According to the statement issued by the police, the alleged culprits used to access the websites of different universities using Internet.
They downloaded copies of original as well as provisional certificates of different institutes, which were later scanned to forge the signatures of the signatory authorities of the said institutions. The racket was selling each counterfeit certificate at a price of Rs 12,000 to 30, 000, depending on the degree and the demand of the course. The racket had sold nearly 118 such fake certificates, which include certificates for SSC, graduation, post graduation, MSc, MCA, MTech and MBA streams of various reputed institutes. Of the four alleged involved in this counterfeit racket, one is still absconding. The arrested racketeers had also swindled a number of unemployed individuals and students with promises of jobs, in the private sector and overseas.

Cases of fake educational credentials in Kerala:

In yet another instance of fake certificates, the University of Kerala had unraveled over six cases of bogus certificate holders and over 12 cases of fake graduation certificate holders in just a months’ time in Thiruvananthapuram. However, the rackets, forging such fake certificates and the holders of bogus credentials still remains unidentified. As per the statements of the University pro – vice –chancellor, N Veeramanikandan, “I’ve just completed a month in my post. During this brief period I’ve come across at least six or seven cases of fake certificates. Most enquiries for certificate verification come from the agencies and companies outside the state. In some cases, even the fake signature of VCs doesn’t match with the original term in the office. We have not been able to take any stern actions as the chances of identifying fake certificate rackets and those who obtain the same are remote”.
Controller of Examinations, K Madhukumar commented that, though the University has come across a considerable number of fake credential cases, the authorities are not at liberty to seek police assistance. While citing the example of a recent discovery of 15 such fakes, amongst certificates that had been submitted for verification, he further confirmed, “Whenever the university confirms that a certificate it received for verification is fake, we inform the applicant about the same. We also request them to pass the original address of the certificate holder so that we can initiate action. However, no agencies or companies have so far heeded to our request. We cannot approach the police without the real name or address of the fake certificate holder. We will have to find other options”.

Cases of fake educational credentials in Lucknow:

In another scam of a similar nature, nine officials of the Lucknow University were alleged of selling bogus certificates to a number of students, of which 18 individuals were successful in acquiring an admission in the Basic Training Certificate (BTC) Institute of the district, on the basis of the said bogus credentials. The authentication process of the documents brought the scam under focus. An investigation into the matter by the CB – CID revealed, not only the Lucknow University officials, but the alleged involvement of three Agra University officials in the scam, as well. The felonious students accused with the case of cheating had surrendered before the court, while a local court in Muzaffarnagar had issued non – bailable warrants against the nine alleged officials of the Lucknow University, when they failed to put up an appearance in the court, on the date of hearing of the counterfeit credential case. UGC has declared 21 universities across the country as bogus universities in the country.

List of Fake Universities In India :

UTTAR PRADESH: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Open University (Aligarh), Maharana Pratap Shiksha Niketan Vishwavidyalaya (Pratapgarh), Gurukul Vishyavidyalaya and Uttar Pradesh Vishyavidyalaya (Mathura), Indraprastha Shiksha Parishad (Noida), Varanaseya Sankrit Vishwavidyalaya (Varanasi), National University Of Electro – Complex Homeopathy (Kanpur), Mahila Gram Vidyapith (Women’s University) and Gandhi Hindi Vidyapith (Allahabad)
MAHARASHTRA: Raja Arabic University
WEST BENGAL: Indian Institute of Alternative Medicine (Kolkata)
BIHAR: Mithila University (Darbhanga)
MADHYA PRADESH : Keserwani Vidyapith
KARNATAKA : Badaganvi Sarkar World Open University (Gokak, Belgaum)
TAMIL NADU : DDB Sanskrit University (Putur, Trichi)
KERALA : St. John’s University (Kishanattam)
DELHI : Commercial Universities Limited, United Nations University, Vocational University, ADR Centric Judicial University and Indian Institute Of Science and Engineering

UGC has given a serious warning to the said institutions. The UGC notice clearly mentioned, “……running of under – graduate or post – graduate degree courses and giving misleading advertisements shall attract severe actions under UGC Act, IPC….”.

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Santosh Kiran Salve February 14, 2017 at 10:59 pm

Dear Friend,

Request to please confirm whether Indian Institute of Higher Education – Kukatpally, Hyderabad is a valid university or fake one,

Please confirm

Santosh Kiran Salve


PLEASE SEND ME ABOUT THE AUTHENTICITY OF THE PROGRAMS AND CONFERENCES ORGANISED BY YADAM INSTITUTE OF RESEARCH Human Rights and Duties Research Center Head Office: Delhi, INDIA, Central Division: Ujjain, M.P. Southern Division: Hyderabad, Telangana


I want to buy certificate of univercity


hello sir, i want to know about the ipmc internayional and arunachal univercity….. are those institutes fake or not. i want to do mba from there…. plz reply


Can anybody tell me about manav bharti university?
Is it fraud or not?


IMPRIA INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY.it’s a fake or genuine.I want details about this university.


I want to know is it Dr CV Raman university fake or good.

arindam chakraborty December 31, 2015 at 12:27 am

Pg Certificate from monad state private university how much acceptable for govt service ?


rai tech university doddapelapur,bangalore.this college fake or approved ugc college.want details for me.


Sir I want to do B.tec in electrical from KSOU university,
Manasgangotri Karnataka.
I want to know if it is valid or not for govt. job.


Sharing my experience, Email me and I can send you all email conversations!!
INDIA: Jaipur National University Distance Learning -AKA- UTS GLOBAL is a fraud/scam organization running in India… These people will take your money and then when the exam time come after few months from admissions they will say that your admission is not accepted by the university…. so obviously you will have to request for a refund which they will never give… also even after requesting for cancelation of account and refund of money for which they will send confirmation email but still they will continue to withdraw your cheques… I even said that I will go to consumer court on which one person Mr Albert from Kerala working in Pune/Mumbai (over a telephonic conversation) said that JNU is big and my complaint will not stand a chance against them… may be they have some contacts within Indian government to make such a comment with such a confidence… I will be happy to share all the email conversation and details I am having if any body want to know more before dealing with these people… please email me on charles4off@gmail.com and my enrollment ID with UTSGLOBAL is 2014000898… also note that if you are thinking of taking admissions with Jaipur National University Distance Learning and many other universities, then be assured that all your money/assignments/study material will be under UTSGLOBAL and not under the actual university.. even whatever assignments you do will be on some blackboard server of UTSGLOBAL and if you call JNU and if you’ll say distance learning, they will not entertain and will give some other number which is of these people…


sir monad university is fake or genuine


i would like to know ,jaipur national university certificates can get HRD ATTESTATION. for there online MBA SAFETY COURSE


i want to know about the institute fire and safety forum is this legal institute for distance education or not
reply me fast i have to pay fees


just want to know the authenticity of the doctorate given by world records university. please reply as soon as possible.

I am an Indian.

World Record Holder October 6, 2015 at 2:43 pm

world record univeristy in India offering PHD for record holder, they charging 50,000/- for registration and paper work,

how can i check its authenticity, its valid in India? because Indian law for PHD is separate then UK


    Hi…. i also have a similar question. Can anyone check its authenticity ? Are only the national record holders eligible to apply there ? or is it that anyone can apply and get a PhD by paying INR 50,000 ?


Sir I want to do computer b.tec in machanial from MANAV BHARTI university

Manav Bharti University
Village – Laddo,
P.O.- Sultanpur (Kumhar Hatti),
Tehsil & Distt.: Solan – 173229
Himachal Pradesh
I want to know if it is valid or not for govt. job.


sir monad university is fake or genuine


What is the status of Bhartiya Shiksha Patushad? Earlier it was also in the list of fake universities declared by ugc. But in this list it is not been mentioned. I have done m.ed from bhartiya shiksha parishad. And I amnin delimma that weather it is authentic or not.


Sir I want to do computer diploma in information technology from MANAV BHARTI EDUCATION MISSION, situated at MUNIRKA, NEW DELHI
I want to know if it is valid or not for govt. job.

philip kuriakose July 9, 2015 at 12:05 pm

I cmplt my btech frm sunrise university alwar so the certificate get hrd attestation?


dear sir, the B A Degree under distance education mode from vinayaka missions university, salem ,tamilnadu in 2005 acedamic year is valid or not for govt jobs/promotions

shri paul sharma December 14, 2014 at 5:49 pm

State Private University and Collaborator
Dear Sir,
In the world top university India has got 200 ranks in quality education. The higher education degree is available on sale at every nook and corner of India. The system of education in state private university is worse due to non investigation by UGC within time.
All state private universities has agreement with collaborator all over India. In Delhi, Gurgaon and Faridabad there are big office of collaborator. The collaborator advertise in this way: DEAR COORDINATOR
GLADLY INVITES YOU FOR BECOMING THE PART OF REGULAR MODE / DISTANCE EDUCATION PROGRAMES OFFERED BY “VARIOUS UNIVERSITIES are built on a foundation to promote greater access to quality higher education, cutting-edge research and contribution to the society. All Universities provide generic skills together with flexibility. Adaptability and passion for life-long learning, while simultaneously equipping young people with the best basis for careers in any area, including industry, and for the unforeseen needs of the future. The University’s guiding tenet is to nurture and mould talent. JAIPUR NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, JODHPUR NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, SHOBHIT UNIVERSITY, SUNRISE UNIVERSITY, KARNATAKA STATE OPEN UNIVERSITY, MAHATMA GANDHI UNIVERSITY, Dr. C.V. RAMAN UNIVERSITY, MONAD UNIVERSITY, MANAV BHARTI UNIVERSITY, MAHARSHI DAYANAND UNIVERSITY, vinayaka mission university, Eillm Univerity MORE THAN 10 ADMISSION WE ARE PROVIDING 55-60% SHARING ON COURSE FEES

The collaborators contact with coordinator, school and institute owner to enroll more & more students and get degree without examination as a result students are trapped in the allurement and get admission in the universities.
The collaborator pay millions of rupees to the university to get franchise on the condition to get 70 -80% commission from fees in every student admission. All the collaborator has a dream to open their university so the collaborator does not deposit full fees to the universities and earn more profit as a result at the end of course university does not provide degree to the students.
If the govt. investigates all university management members there will be a number of people found who were collaborator of any university in the past.
In the education businessmen corporate company has also opened a number of university and college in big cities. The owners of private universities make an advertisement in the media as they have been selling consume able products to the students. The corporate or big business man does not appoint collaborator they sale education in big building that is only show off to allure the students. The education quality is zero in these big university but they invite a great personality every year to attract more and more students in their education hub. It is shame to say, these days education has become a profitable business to earn money to cheating students.
The main cause of cheating and fraud in the state private university is that the University Grant Commission does not investigate private university infrastructure and faculty in stipulated time as a result in the period of two or three years private university deposit millions rupees fees from the students to issue mark sheets to them without any study and examination.

Ellam University, Shri Dhar University, CMJ University, The global open university director owner chancellor collected millions of rupees from the students and did not provide degrees to the student it is only due to corruption and lackadaisical behavior of the UGC in the duties to investigate university in time.

Govt. must take strict action against UGC who does not investigate university in the appropriate time and other hand private university must not be allowed to issue mark cards to students till there investigation of university is not completed. There must be banned on the appointment of collaborator in state private university and those who are working with state private university must be investigated and check out their income.

With Regards

Shri Paul Sharma RTI Activist
Civil Lines, Ludhiana 141001 Punjab

    Prof. Ravindra V. Saraykar December 16, 2014 at 6:38 am

    In addition to this, the publishing of a large number of on-line journals in India which publish papers without referring by accepting money under processing charge should be banned totally. API score system should be abandoned. If Government of India fails to do this, the education is likely to be doomed within next few years.


can we use ssc result of hindi vidyapit for jobs in international countries? ….plz help me ..

Prof. R. V. Saraykar May 27, 2014 at 10:39 am

Large number of paid research journals and research papers published therein by paying money ranging from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 10,000 in order to increase API score required as per UGC norms is a matter of serious concern in India. The importance given to quantity rather than quality is unfortunate. Will HRD ministry look into this matter seriously and direct UGC to withdraw API score system ? Should not “going for research” be optional ?


u go on mumbai university web site and check on page of eligibility act


can bundelkhand university fake university?


Information regarding – A Gang of cheaters: Mohammad Ismail, Atiqurahman , Mohammad Ibrahim Khan, Mohd. Ishaq R/O Cross Road, NIDA Colony Mau near Andhe Ki chowki Lucknow and their Asssociates

It is a interstate gang earlier it was operated from Lucknow in the name of “Rida Academy” after this they have changed their name “Guide Educational Advisory” and looted crores of Rupees in the name of admission. Several cases were registered in Gomti Nagar Police Station, Lucknow and absconding. In Bihar NBW is issued against them. Mohammad Ismail S/o Mohammad Ibrahim Khan, Alias Sahil, Sahil Naqvi, Sahil Doshi, Mohammed Ismail, Ismile Khan, Atiqurahman S/o Mohd Sayeed Alias Mishan Patel r/o Mominabad chowk Dt. Hardoi(U.P.) (Both are Brother-in-Law) and their Associates had opened a fake account in IOB Fort Mumbai in the name of Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences (Deemed University) in order to clear the Bank Draft by submitting fake papers and committed a Bank fraud. Besides admission fraud they are running detective firm “ID Intelligence & Legal Services” and “Legal Affairs” Service Tax Code BAAPM6147DSD003 , “Raj Oceanic Shipping Company Service Tax” Code ASGPK9497BST001, “Raj Mines and Sands”, “Oasis Management Services”, “ Parvara Institute of Medical Science Service Tax Code BAAPM6147DSD001”. “Grow –Tech Properties Pvt. Ltd. CIN U70101UP2007PTC033664: Dir Mohammad Ismail DIN 01493773, Ubaidur Rahman DIN 01627939”, “Opera Air- Hostess Training Institute Pvt. Ltd. CIN U93090UP2007SGC033663: Dir Mohammad Ismail DIN 01493773,Ubaidur Rahman DIN 01627039”, “Rida Agro Biotech Pvt. Ltd. CIN U1407MH2009PTC195755: Dir Mohammad Ismail Din 01493773, Mohd. Raj Kandekari DIN 02726736”, “Leads Associates Pvt. Ltd.” CIN U74120MH2011PTC222368: Dir Mohammad Ismail DIN 01493773, Ubaidur Rahman DIN 01627939, Shaikh Zubair Naseem, DIN 03620070”, etc at 30th floor centre I building WTC complex, Cuff Prade, Mumbai and 48 & 49 Sec 2A, Kopar Kharaine Navi Mumbai (FIR No. 74/2010 Cuff Prade, Mumbai). Their others associates are Mr. Raj Kumar Mirakhur, Mr. Mohd. Raj Khandekari, Mohan Nadaar, Ibrahim (Brother-in-Law) 9699226166, Naseem Shaikh (Father in Law) 9221839038 and Zuber Shaikh. We have also threat of life from the Gang. The authority is requested that the persons responsible must be booked under “MCOCA”/ “Gunda Act”.



A. MOHAMMAD ISMAIL (Dir) : Row House Plt. No. 48 & 49 Sec-2A , Kopar-Khairane, Navi Mumbai.

B. UBAIDUR RAHMAN (Dir) : 21, Jamiatul Mominat Complex, Hardoi Road Girls College, Dubagga Post-Kakori, Lucknow.

3. RIDA AGRO BIOTECH PVT LTD: Row House Plt. No. 48 & 49 Sec-2A , Kopar-Khairane, Navi Mumbai.
MOHAMMAD ISMAIL (Dir) : Row House Plt. No. 48 & 49 Sec-2A , Kopar-Khairane, Navi Mumbai.
C. MOHAMMAD RAJ KANDEKARI (Dir) RH N-18, SAI RAH CHS, PLT N-22, Sect-6, Airoli, Navi Mumbai.

4. LEADS ASSOCIATE PVT LTD: Supreme Business Park, 7TH Floor, B Wing, B/H Lake Castle Building Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai.
MOHAMMAD ISMAIL (Managing Dir) : Row House Plt. No. 48 & 49 Sec-2A , Kopar-Khairane, Navi Mumbai. Dt. 19/11/2011(as above) UBAIDUR RAHMAN (Additional Dir) 21, Jamiatul Mominat Complex, Hardoi Road Girls College, Dubagga Post-Kakori, Lucknow.
D.SHAIKH ZUBAIR NASEEM (Director) Dt. 26/09/2011 Row House Plt. No. 48 & 49 Sec-2A , Kopar- Khairane, Navi Mumbai.

Presently they are also available at following addresses:

i. Leads Associate Pvt. Ltd. Contact Person: Mr. Aman Dwivedi Mob-099189005., 0522-6009111,6457111 Kanpur Road, Lucknow-226012 and
ii. 1183, sector-M, Ashyiana Colony, Kanpur Road, Lucknow, Mob-09918194111, 09918197111,

RIDA ACADEMY, (0522) 2230967, 3, Grd Flr, Shagun Palace, Sapru Mg, Hazratganj Lucknow-226001.
RAJ OCEANIC SHIPPING COMPANY, Shop no.5, Plot no. 64, Sai Paradise Sector 8A, Dive Airoli Navi Mumbai, Airoli,Thane, & At 30th Floor, Centre-1, WTC Complex , Cuffe Parade, Mumbai & At 309, Big Splash, Sector 17, Vashi , Navi Mumbai-400703
RAJ MOHAMMAD KANDEKARI Shop no.5-6-3, Shiv Parvati Apartments Sector-9, Airoli, Navi Mumbai.
LEGAL AFFAIRS Row House Plt. No. 48 & 49 Sec-2A , Kopar-Khairane, Navi Mumbai.
OASIS MANAGEMENT SERVICES Oval House, 63, British Hotel Lane, Off Nagindas Master Road, Fort, Mumbai- 400001.

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