General Elections 2014 – Day 26

Why Narendra Modi is angry
Why Narendra Modi is angry

Why Narendra Modi is angry

Jaswant Singh “I am deeply saddened by decision to expel me from BJP. Jaswant Singh Ji – Oo. They should have made you President of BJP, right? Right or wrong, you didn’t walk the dotted line drawn by the current dispensation of BJP, so Sir, the least to happen is they tell you to go and have a walk. Enjoy fresh air, you need it. Meanwhile Modi Ji has been working hard to show to the world “Narendra Modi Ko  Gussa Kyon Aata Hai.” At least one set of events is now known, every time Rahul Gandhi gets a statement or sound-bite right with the audience, Narendra Modi Ji is fuming.

The Shahejada is not expected to ever get it right, the balloon and the balloon of Gujarat Model is about to burst  – the jibe of Rahul Gandhi offended Modi Ji to the extent that he decided to rope in Rahul Gandhi’s mother, hinting that she also may have made balloons for Gujarat. Now, we have to wait what Rahul Gandhi would do. In a bookish idiom example for the pot calling the kettle black, Modi Ji went ahead and branded Congress as “shameless” for  giving a ticket to Ashok Chavan. Wow! One can visualize Rahul Gandhi and his mother dancing to the tunes of “Politics ke naam pay karte sabhi ab raasleela hain, Congress  kare to saala, Character Dhila Hai” number.

It is not all bad news for BJP, there was good news pouring in as Uddhav Thackeray went on record with his pro Modi, pro BJP statement. Immediately after Uddhav’s statement that – in Modi there is a face to opposition, BJP went on an overdrive with this “good news.”

Sonia Gandhi stood at the same spot to solicit votes from where her mother-in-law started campaign for coming back to power in 1979, looks like Ajmal Khan Park in Delhi is set to become a “historic” political destination. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi had nothing new to say, just went on record saying that successes of UPA have been undermined so and so…

Meanwhile, the Chandigarh administration decide to go overboard in protecting Kejriwal from Aam Aadmi, they created a three-layer human-security-wall all around Arvind Kejriwal, distancing him from his “Aam Aadmi” during road show in Chandigarh. Kejriwal, in his trademark style went on record challenging the same and labeled it as motivated and counter productive.

Over 10% of BJP’s 400 plus candidates announced are new recruits from Congress, another 4% are from other parties from UPA fold. This mass induction has distanced many BJP voters, supporters and leaders, one would know about smartness or lack of it only once election results are announced. It would be interesting to track this 56 new recruits and see how their ratio works with overall BJP scorecard. Keeping with its Bhartiya Jhagada Party avatar, BJP continued creating news for wrong reasons, in latest edition of  Bharatiya Jhagada Times it is Dr. Harsh Vardhan against Professor Vijay Kumar Malhotra, loose statements by Professor Malhotra are doing considerable damage to Dr. Harsh Vardhan’s campaign, BJP’s minority cell chief Atif Rashid just stopped short of telling Professor Malhotra to shut-up and get out of the way.

Yes, there is a Samajvadi Party and yes they indeed are fighting for almost all seats in UP. Akhilesh Yadav, the CM, with his back glued to the wall played “blame media” for perception card. Akhilesh Yadav believes that while their actions like distributing 15,00,000 laptops to students have touched households across party lines, his governments achievements are never talked about. He, of course, is still hopeful that they would put up a big show.

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