Women in Online Shopping

Online-Shopping by Women
Online-Shopping by Women
Online-Shopping by Women
Online-Shopping by Women

One out of every three Internet users in India is a woman. But what do they do online apart from job related tasks? Women surf net for social engagement, to check out health and education related information for their kids, and of course to do what they like the most, shopping. Yes, online shopping is the latest addition on their to do list. Moreover, everyone knows that women and shopping are inseparable and when the convenience of Internet is added to this interest, then their try-it-before-you-buy-it mindset undergoes a change. This change has led to an increase in the number of women buying wide range of products online. Not only branded products but women are now also purchasing non branded items online. As per eMarketer, it is expected that Indian online sales will rise from $16.32 million in 2013 to $30.31 million in 2016. At present the total number of Internet users in India is 151.6 million and India ranks third in the world in terms of Internet users. About 60 million Indian women are reportedly online.

Industry experts say that sale to women is increasing faster than sale to men. With this, trends of online shopping are increasing. The key driver for this trend is the associated convenience. Women while sitting at home can do the shopping of their choice. Apart from this, fast delivery, cash on delivery option, available discounts, access to branded products, multiple images of the displayed product and cash back option in case of faulty goods are other factors giving the required boost to online shopping in India and making it popular among women. Then comes the exclusivity for which women shop online. Women find all sorts of different, unique and unusual stuff online. Then are the available discounts and discount coupons that make the online shopping favorable among Indian women.

The reason to do online shopping differs in big and small cities of India. Convenience may be the motive of online shopping for women living in big cities but the one who live in Tier II and Tier III cities do online shopping because of the available variety of products.

Reviews and opinions matter a lot in online shopping. Women do read reviews before making a purchase.

Overall Online Shopping Trends

As compared to last year, online shopping in India grew by 128%. A study has been conducted by Google India and TNS to understand the major eCommerce trends in India in 2013. According to this study-

– People are now willing to spend more money for shopping online. 9 out of 10 online shoppers in India now interested in spending more money. This growth trend is expected to grow further this year.

– People living in non-metro areas are more into online shopping than the people living in metros.

– There is a shift in online shopping trends. Shoppers are now buying apparel and accessories that was earlier confined to only mobile phones.

– Travel and ticketing was and will remain the most popular category of purchase in 2013.

Indian online market is still growing and surely there is a shift from traditional to online shopping. Ease of purchasing, speedy and more secure payment modes are leading to the growth of this market. But still in spite of wide range of available products you may not get what you are looking for in Indian websites and buying from foreign websites is a costly deal because of shipping. So more product variety, better deals and trust have to be developed for the further growth of online shopping in India.