Delhi Election Results 2013

Time : 7:30 PM

We are done with Delhi Assembly Elections 2013. Here are the final results.

These elections should be taught in political science curriculum and one should note that how wrong things can get. Look at India Today and they had predicted only 6 seats for AAP, what a foot in mouth. None of the major 4 exit polls had predicted AAP above 16. This post had, at every stage felt differently. It would be an interesting reading as much for me as it would be for you. I would comeback to edit it later.

Here is the tally, who won where. Now let us see what manipulations happen.

Candidate Party Result Constituency
Ram Kishan Singhal BJP Win Adarsh Nagar
Ashok Kumar AAP Win Ambedkar Nagar
Naresh Gaur BJP Win Babarpur
Rambir Singh Bidhuri BJP Win Badarpur
Devender Yadav Cong Win Badli
Haroon Yusuf Cong Win Ballimaran
Gugan Singh BJP Win Bawana
Sat Prakash Rana BJP Win Bijwasan
Sanjeev Jha AAP Win Burari
Parlad Singh Sawhney Cong Win Chandni Chowk
Brahm Singh Tanwar BJP Win Chhatarpur
Surender Singh AAP Win Delhi Cantt
Prakash AAP Win Deoli
Parduymn Rajput BJP Win Dwarka
Arvinder Singh Lovely Cong Win Gandhi Nagar
Sahab Singh Chauhan BJP Win Ghonda
Ranjeet Singh BJP Win Gokalpur
Saurabh Bharadwaj AAP Win Greater Kailash
Jagdeep Singh AAP Win Hari Nagar
Jagdish Mukhi BJP Win Janakpuri
Maninder Singh Dhir AAP Win Jangpura
Harmeet Singh BJP Win Kalkaji
Mohan Singh Bisht BJP Win Karawal Nagar
Vishesh Ravi AAP Win Karol Bagh
Madan Lal AAP Win Kasturba Nagar
Anil Jha BJP Win Kirari
Manoj Kumar AAP Win Kondli
Harsh Vardhan BJP Win Krishna Nagar
Vinod Kumar Binny AAP Win Laxmi Nagar
Girish Soni AAP Win Madipur
Somnath Bharti AAP Win Malviya Nagar
Rakhi Birla AAP Win Mangol Puri
Shoaib Iqbal JDU Win Matia Mahal
Rajesh Gahlot BJP Win Matiala
Parvesh Sahib Singh BJP Win Mehrauli
Akhilesh Pati Tripathi AAP Win Model Town
Subhash Sachdeva BJP Win Moti Nagar
Rambir Shokeen IND Win Mundka
Hasan Ahmed Cong Win Mustafabad
Ajeet Singh Kharkhari BJP Win Najafgarh
Manoj Kumar Shokeen BJP Win Nangloi Jat
Neel Daman Khatri BJP Win Nerela
Arvind Kejriwal AAP Win New Delhi
Asif Mohd Khan Cong Win Okhla
Dharm Dev Solanki BJP Win Palam
Veena Anand AAP Win Patel Nagar
Manish Sisodia AAP Win Patparganj
Anil Kumar Sharma BJP Win R.K. Puram
R P Singh BJP Win Rajinder Nagar
Manjinder Singh Sirsa SAD Win Rajouri Garden
Kulwant Rana BJP Win Rithala
Rajesh Garg AAP Win Rohini
Jitender Kumar BJP Win Rohtas Nagar
Som Dutt AAP Win Sadar Bazar
Dinesh Mohaniya AAP Win Sangam Vihar
Chaudhary Mateen Ahmad Cong Win Seelam Pur
Dharmender Singh AAP Win Seemapuri
Jitender Shigh Shunty BJP Win Shahdara
Satyender Kumar Jain AAP Win Shakur Basti
Bandana Kumari AAP Win Shalimar Bagh
Jai Kishan Cong Win Sultan Pur Majra
Jarnail Singh AAP Win Tilak Nagar
Harish Khanna AAP Win Timarpur
Nand Kishore Garg BJP Win Tri Nagar
Raju AAP Win Trilokpuri
Ramesh Bidhuri BJP Win Tughlakabad
Pawan Sharma BJP Win Uttam Nagar
Mahinder Yadav AAP Win Vikaspuri
Om Prakash Sharma BJP Win Vishwas Nagar
Dr Mahander Nagpal BJP Win Wazirpur

Time: 7:00 PM

As of now the score is that BJP fails to get the magic number – BJP+ stops at 32. AAP is 28. Congress is 8 & Others are 2. Out of two others 1 is JD(U) & 1 is independent.

What an election. This has been the final, it can’t get anymore close. This is a real mystery box as predicted. What an exciting elections, what an amazing reward to all those who voted for AAP, irrespective of whether their candidates won or lost.

Time: 6:30 PM

There is lot of good riddance to bad rubbish. No one is going to shed tears  on defeat of people like Mukesh Sharma, their getting defeated is a great news for this city. He had left Vikaspuri for Uttam Nagar and now both are gone.

Time: 6:00 PM

Results are still awaited for the following constituencies in Delhi:

1. Burari – AAP leading

2. Kondli – AAP leading

3. Matiala – BJP leading

4. Okhla – INC leading

5. Vikaspuri – AAP leading

Current Results:

BJP + 31

AAP  25

Congress  7


Independent 1

Results awaited 5

Total 70

Time: 5:15 PM

These elections have changed India’s politics forever. Political parties, political leaders and political manipulations would never be the same again. 55 out of 70 sitting MLAs have lost election, India hasn’t seen this kind of change ever before. This has color of a true revolution. There would be significantly higher number of first terms MLAs in Delhi Assembly over what it has seen ever in the past, or may ever see  in the future. Strangely both Congress and BJP are today united by their arrogance. They both underestimated AAP and they both would suffer. AAP can get all 7 Lok Sabha seats and it would not be an unthinkable achievement.

Time: 5:00 PM

BJP had failed to win a single Loksabha seat from Delhi  in 2009, what would this fractured mandate for BJP, one can’t say but what it means for Congress is writing on the wall. Congress would lose all seven seats. End of the road in Delhi for 5 years. To gain any seat in Delhi Congress would have to work backwards and start from scratch. Chandni Chowk can be there only chance. Credit for AAP’s performance goes to its volunteers, what a great performance by them. They knocked doors, they rang bells, they called, they texted and they did it all without any direct or expectation of indirect gratification.

Time: 4:30 PM

BJP wins and leads 32, AAP wins and leads 27. It is one close fight, would Congress play the monkey? Can AAP form the Government with outside support of Congress and JDU? All strongholds demolished of Congress, a few of BJP strongholds go to. Message is clear perform or perish, hype and hyper activism won’t work.

Time: 4:15 PM

Did Shiela Dixit actually think that AAP was a nonentity? I doubt. Big question is why she  volunteered to become sacrificial lamb? At the end of the day did BJP’s onion politics pay for it? Looks unlikely, with so much onion played they are still struggling for a simple majority. Changes politics across the country for all times to come. Brand new minted party have a chance, a real chance.

Time: 4:00 PM

BJP has even lost in its “almost” victory. So vulnerable, if they really think of coming to power they need to get all of India together with them. They can’t rule India without having representation from all sections of the society. BJP’s own vote share hasn’t moved much and that is something which they have to worry about.

Time: 3:45 PM

AAP couldn’t mobilize voters in constituencies which had  a huge geographic spread, they almost lost all. They did well in densely populated constituencies. Check map here.


Time: 3:30 PM

As I continue working on my blog, team Mapsofindia has broken all its records for traffic – Delhi Election Results link has been busy since morning and close to a million people have updated themselves through it.  What a fight – looks like Shazia Ilmi fought like Jhansi Ki Rani. Amazing contest. She would fight for the parliament too.

Result Declared
Candidate Party Votes
ANIL KUMAR SHARMA Bharatiya Janata Party 28017
SHAZIA ILMI MALIK Aam Aadmi Party 27691
BARKHA SHUKLA SINGH Indian National Congress 19679



Does BJP still has any moral right to its claim to form Government in Delhi… What a drubbing to Congress and a big wake-up call to BJP. If BJP doesn’t put its house in order it would be end game for them. BJP must push Modi away otherwise BJP would go down like Congress has. An emerging possibility is that AAP would put Anna Hazare against Modi in parliamentary elections. PM candidate vs PM candidate. If Shiela Dixit can lose to Kejriwal can’t Modi lose to Anna.

Counting In Progress
Candidate Party Votes
ARVIND KEJRIWAL Aam Aadmi Party 19483
SHEILA DIKSHIT Indian National Congress 9174
VIJENDER KUMAR Bharatiya Janata Party 6870



Time: 3:00 PM

BSP is unlikely to win any seat, it is a total whitewash. At one stage BSP saw itself as a clear contender for Delhi, now they are likely to be pushed down to number 4 party with no seat.

What a tight contest:

Counting In Progress
Candidate Party Votes
ANIL KUMAR SHARMA Bharatiya Janata Party 26099
SHAZIA ILMI MALIK Aam Aadmi Party 25517

Time: 2:45 PM

Congress has managed a few decisive victories too…

Counting In Progress
Candidate Party Votes
ASIF MOHD KHAN Indian National Congress 21282
IRFANULLAH KHAN Aam Aadmi Party 6367
SHOAB DANISH Janata Dal (United) 5841

Time 2:30

Counting In Progress
Candidate Party Votes
ARVIND KEJRIWAL Aam Aadmi Party 19483
SHEILA DIKSHIT Indian National Congress 9174
VIJENDER KUMAR Bharatiya Janata Party 6870

Shiela Ji may not have ever thought that this is what would happen to her, she is losing by more number votes than she has polled in total. What a defeat.

Time: 2:15 PM

BJP & AAP are likely to win same number of seats. For all we know AAP may emerge as single largest party. BJP also has Akali Dal pitching in, it has managed one seat on its own symbol of Rajouri Garden.

Congresss is now at 8, and it is close second in 5 other seats, it may win 2 more at the most, taking its tally to 10.

Harsharan Singh Balli lost on Congress ticket – BJP did a blunder in messing up with this safe seat.

JAGDEEP SINGH Aam Aadmi Party 38912
SHYAM SHARMA Shiromani Akali Dal 30036
HARSHARAN SINGH BALLI Indian National Congress 23111

Time: 1:45 PM

Congress is trying its level best to and praying that number 7 must cross, it is such a turnaround, 7 Parliamentary seats and you are struggling to get 7 assembly seats. They have messed it so badly for themselves. Many seats are seeing very tight triangular contests, it id a fight to finish and changes are happening. For the first time since morning Shoaib Iqbal is again leading in his stronghold.

Time: 1:30 PM

Karan Singh Tanwar trailing in Delhi Cantt, Shoaib iqbal trailing in Matia Mahal & Jai Bhagwan Aggarwal trailing in Rohini and all the three to AAP. AAP is now at 29 to BJP’s 32. Whih is very close to BJP’s comfort. Pahlwan Bharat Singh is likely to lose in Najafgarh, this is almost unthinkable for those who are familiar with Najafgarh constituency.

Time: 1:15 PM

What a wave, Aam Adami party has ushered in a political Tsunami in India. Nation has a choice and we have in Arvind Kejriwal a giant killer. Two of the three Shaizadas of BJP are likely to lose. Malhotra Sahib’s son is trailing in Greater Kailash and OP Babar ji’s son is trailing in Tilak Nagar and both to AAP. Mukesh Sharma losing from Uttam Nagar is a good news for many, it also goes to prove that they did accept cash, liquor & sarees but they didn’t vote for him.

Time 1:00 PM

It is Modi who made BJP get into this mess, without Modi they were certain, with Modi they lost heavily to AAP, AAP gave an option to those BJP supporters who didn’t want Modi and never wanted Congress.

Parvesh Sahib Singh has won from Mehrauli, he is son of Delhi’s former Chief Minister Sahib Singh Verma Ji. Shazia Ilmi is still trailing but it speaks a lot for the city of Delhi that a Muslim candidate can win from a non-muslim significant voter seat.

Even if we add votes polled by BJP & Congress both in New Delhi constituency still they can’t match Kejriwal.

Time: 12:45 PM

Congress has lost all its Hindu MLA’s barring just two, its Sikh MLAs and Muslim MLAs have done better. Currently Arvinder Singh Lovely, Tarvinder Singh Marwah & Parlhad Singh Sahny are holding on to their seats. Bali Ji could have brought a 4th minority seat for them but looks like people didn’t like last minute switching of party. Bali Ji would have been better contesting on his own.Three Muslim candidates who are doing good for Congress are Haroon Yusuf, Mateen Ahmed and Asif Mohamad Khan.

Time: 12:30 PM

Shiela Dixit Ji trailing by 6,000 votes, game is over for the good old “aunty ji” of Delhi. It is very unlikely that she can bounce back. Cheers to her, she fought till she lost and didn’t jump or eject.

Time: 12:15 PM

BSP & JD(U) drawing a blank is very unlikely, there are chances that last minute changes may happen. While we go ahead on this Shiela Dixit Ji has resigned, I do feel very sorry for her, she just messed it up for herself, a serious error of judgement.

BJP messed quite a few seats in its stronghold and that is what may cost them their Government on their own. Actually if BJP forms its government and AAP provides constructive opposition it would be great going for Delhi. BJP would be on a very tight leash and would hold back making money till parliamentary elections.

Time: 12:05 PM

The biggest mystery now is whether Congress would get to double digit or not. Shoaib Iqbal losing from Matia Mahal would be a very big setback to JD (U) they were hoping that he should be able to retain his seat and open their account in Delhi

Time: 11:30 AM

AAP has worked across all lines, religion, region and affluence. It is a political wave like non seen before. If AAP can do this they can spoil the party for BJP during Lok Sabha Elections in a big way. They may be able to take at least 4 if not all the seven seats.

Time: 11:00 AM

BJP loses its lead, Congress inches back to double figure. Shoaib Iqbal trails while BJP’s strategy of fielding a Hindu candidate from Balimaran may work in its favor.

Time: 10:30 AM

BJP holds to its stronghold of Jsnskpuri with Jsgdish Mukhi Ji leading while bad decision making by BJP makes Hari Nagar seat doubtful.

Time: 10:00 AM

AAP has been outstanding, they are doing the best they could have hoped to do, this is surprising.

Time: 9:45 AM

O.P.Babar’s of BJP’s son, Vijay Kumar Malhotra’s son and Sahib Singh Verma’s son are all trailing in their respective constituencies. BJP may get into trouble in Delhi. Shiela Dixit Ji is trailing now, what a shift.  Arvind Kejriwal was able to withstand and reverse Modi factor in Delhi. It would be interesting to see AAP gets more of Congress seats or more of BJP seats. It is little early to say but looks like Modi failed in Delhi, his magic didn’t happen.

Has BJP started exploring possibility of splitting Congress to form their Government.

Time: 9:30 AM

Delhi is heading for a hung assembly, so what would BJP do, would it support AAP as is being projected by many. Would BJP try to form Government with support of AAP? Would Congress project itself as a kingmaker instead of being a King on its own. If BJP can’t make Government on its own in Delhi, Modi factor gets a big question mark. BSP is maintaining its lead in 5 seats, that is very surprising. Delhi Election Results Check this out.

Time: 9:15 AM

Congress getting it this bad in Delhi is largely due to its getting its Central act all wrong. It is not as much as Shiela Dixit lost as it is that Congress Party let her down. Come to think of it, if Shiela Dixit would have not contested and projected Lalit Makan instead, things may not have been much different. Lalit Makan did exactly opposite of what Sushma Swaraj did by doing a last minute change and getting BJP out of the race altogether. It looks like BJP is losing Greater Kailash. Now Arvinder Singh Lovely is leading, if Lovely wins corruption continues to win, right? I think so. It is important for every single Congress Minister to lose.

AAP is now neck and neck with BJP, this is really big news… so close, unimaginable.

Time: 9:00 AM

Shiela Aunty leading is a big news, but hasn’t Shiela Dixit mastered the art of springing surprise. What if Kejriwal loses? Would it mean a pause in his career? Very unlikely. BJP is taking the lead and BSP is not drawing a blank that is for sure. I have given BSP 1, the way it looks they may take home more than that.

Time 8:45 AM

For BJP this election is also crucial as this is the first time BJP has gone ahead and launched BJP kay Apne Shaijayde.. there are 3-4 sons of BJP leaders who are in the fray. AAP is as of now leading in 3, they are ahead on the chart and are leading in more constituencies than BJP and Congress put together.

Time 8:30 AM

It is very strange that nobody is talking about and comparing Delhi Assembly Elections with Delhi Municipal Corporation Elections. BJP had got all the three Corporations with a very comfortable majority. BJP had a challenge in South Delhi but was comfortable in North and East. It is important to note BSP has a presence in all the three Corporations too. In North BSP had 12 seats now whether they all translate to zero is a tough call. I fail to understand why TV channels carry their bias and loyalties even at the time of counting. AAP is not drawing a blank, they are  moving to get some seats to begin with 🙂

Time 8:15 AM

Anti-incumbency is dead? Yes, it is. It is more about an aware voter. For Shiela Dixit Ji, to pull a fourth victory is a huge challenge, is anyone giving it a chance? Can’t say. There is a possibility that BSP’s 14 percent vote goes mostly to AAP and AAP also gets a few from BJP, Congress retains its vote bank  and land-up winning at least 20 seats with less than 3,000 votes.

Big question is whether Shiela Dixit has performed, can she be considered a performer? BJP would of course not agree with this neither world AAP, but she did perform and that shows in the Delhi we have today. But her performance is least being banked on by anyone.

Time: 8:00 AM

BJP’s CM contender is noncommittal on AAP’s performance, but expects to get 40 for his party. Harsh Vardhan Ji was himself a second thought candidate for BJP, BJP had already projected Vijay Goel before they changed their candidate. Reason was AAP and let us see today what happens, whether BJP’s midcourse strategy worked or not?

What all happened in the booth on 4th and what else they could have done is the biggest worry for Congress.

Time: 7:30 AM

It is a fight between A, B & C – haha. Late realization.  There are going to be only surprises in these elections, Delhi is divided, opinion polls have been divided and one thing is certain that AAP has seriously dented the B&C in Delhi.

Date: December 8, 2013

Time: 6:00 AM

Speech writing has started. Shiela Dixit Ji must be fiddling with her laptop and thinking on how many speeches she should write. One for  her personal victory, one for her personal defeat, one for Congress party’s defeat in the elections and maybe even one for AAP’s stunning performance? She is convinced that Congress under her did good work, so she would definitely go ahead and say something to reflect the same – “We worked hard and are leaving a much better Delhi than we inherited.” and “It is people’s decision and we accept it with respect.”

It is going to get interesting as it starts rolling, I will be doing quick 15 minute updates, do comeback.

Time: 9:45 PM

After being the good guys at elections, AAP is winning accolades and new sympathizers. Latest going good for AAP is a series of Tweets comparing Rs 15 Crores spent by BJP on Modi rally and comparing it with Rs 15 Lakh spent on AAP concert. Of course technically one can qualify to be an election expense and what BJP has done not, but the whole absurdity of the same is pushing people further away from mainstream political parties.

Time: 5:00 PM

Statement by BJP: We accepts that AAP divided anti-incumbency vote. Good morning, you really realized it now, you were not aware of it all through? it looks like soon BJP would also realize that they lost their committed voters too… till then let them calculate only 1/2 of anti-incumbency loss.

Date: December 7, 2013

Time: 7:00 AM

Today we are going to see re-polling at Jangpura constituency a seat held by Congress MLA,  Tarvinder Singh Marwah. Now this re-polling would surely tilt the result, improving chances of Mr. Marwah as his vote bank and committed voters would go back to polling booths. Others may not.  It is totally clumsy that the election officer didn’t clear the machine after mock polling.

Date: December 6/2013

Time: 7:01 PM

Lot of people are calling it semifinals, I think it is incorrect to do that. This is no semifinal, this is final for these four states and everything matters, results of these elections would directly impact Rajya Sabha numbers in years to  come. We are voting for the parliament indirectly too,  Delhi has 3 seats in Rajya Sabha.

Coalition would be a big challenge in a scenario if no one crosses 30, the one who crosses 30 would somehow form the Government, hook and crook maybe are on the back-burner but they are around the corner anyway.

Left (CPI/CPM etc) cadre and leaders are likely to have voted for AAP. For the first time they had choice where they themselves were not one. It is unlikely that they would have voted for their former ally Congress.

Time: 4:40 PM

Best case scenario for BJP is: BJP 28, AAP 23, Congress 15, JDU 2, BSP 1, INLD 1

Date: December 6/ 2013

Time: 10:51 AM

Now this is interesting:

Punjabis  largely voted for BJP & AAP. Likely

Poorvanchalis largely voted for Congress & AAP. Likely

Delhi’s original village residents voted for Congress & AAP. Likely

Malayalis in Delhi voted for AAP. Very likely.

Tamilians in Delhi voted for AAP. Very likely.

Gujaratis in Delh voted for BJP. Very likely.

Andhraites in Delhi couldn’t decide and are likely to have voted independently. Likely.

Kashmiri Pandits in Delhi voted for BJP & AAP. Very likely.

North-easterns voted for AAP. Very likely.

Uttranchalis voted for Congress and AAP.

Bengalis voted for AAP & BJP

Rajasthanis voted for BJP & AAP

December 5, 2013


Delhi is confused. It may not be a close finish but it is surely going to be a mystery box kind of a finish. There are hundreds of questions which are being asked and there are no points for guessing that there are no answers. Strangely there are no gossips and there are no serious bets, an average ‘Delhi-wala’ is treading with caution, no one wants to be left with their foot in mouth. A few are zapped at what all these surveys are talking about, it doesn’t look like that BJP is going to get a majority to many, including this writer, ask me to commit and I won’t. It is indeed an open-ended question till results come out on this Sunday.

There is a split and to many this city doesn’t look like their own. It looks like an unknown entity a puzzle and a maze of uncertainty. I have talked to over a few dozen individuals and heard their feedback, unpredictability is the only certainty with all of them too. Some of my notes since yesterday bring forward these statistics:

Talked to 38, all 38 voted, all 38 are literate, most are  active on social media, almost all are between age group of 30 -55. 30 voted for AAP and 8 for BJP-Akali alliance and none for Congress. It is a tiny insignificant sample, may not carry any weight but carries a message, Congress is out. A few feel Shiela Dixit is going to lose, all of those who feel Shiela Dixit would lose feel bad for her. Most talked to feel she should have not contested, she had a great run, why she messed it for her? Why ruin her old age, they say. Hunger for power, is that her undoing? We will have to wait for results. Delhi has had a good run under her, it is no doubt a more prosperous city in comparison to all others, fairly stable, fairly resilient but Shiela ji has run out of her time, if not her luck. This city needs a new spirit, Delhi needs a new leader and of course it needs lot of new ideas to really get over its challenges.

So here are a few random statements heard during the day.

When most of us voted for AAP, how can BJP win. BJP can still win, as we are not a true sample.

Would Congress and its cash and liquor politics still hold good?   Would it be potent enough to pull it through? Would pension  to almost a million of Rs 3,000/-  per month work for it? Most say it looks tough, others say it is not pulling out a zero anyway, it will work in a few and fail at most, that is why Congress would go.

We pressed for broom, swipe it would do on its own. Hmm… it depends how many brooms are pressed into service.

AAP would get a few seats but Kejriwal would be defeated. Possibility can’t be ruled out.

BJP has lost more voters to AAP than Congress has lost to AAP. Very likely.

AAP almost got all of  first time educated voters. Very likely

AAP won’t support BJP, but would BJP support AAP. Possible.

Women voted for AAP more than men. Likely.

Tejpal case benefited BJP, may give them 2-3% crucial edge. Unlikely.

JD (U) of Nitish Kumar’s win would add to at least 1 – Shoaib Iqbal. Likely.

Akali Dal would win Rajouri Garden seat. Likely.

BSP would be totally marginalized and may not win any seat. Likely.

BSP may see its share of votes coming down below 10% from 14% + currently.

Modi factor did more damage to BJP than it did good. Making it a no option in over 20 seats with significant Muslim vote. Very likely. BJP is actually contesting on only 50 seats from that point of view. But in absence of AAP these seats would have gone to Congress and conclusions would have been easier, not any more. Anti BJP vote is also split between AAP, Congress and JD (U).

BSP doesn’t gain from anti BJP vote. Likely.

Jagdish Mukhi of BJP would  win. Very likely.

Harsharan Singh Balli would win on Congress ticket from Hari Nagar. Very tough to comment.

Congress would be defeated in its stronghold of Vikaspuri. Likely.

If AAP gets elected to power it would be bad for Delhi, agitation and administration are two different things. Are they really, our parliamentarians agitate more and administer less.

Delhi election results would set the tone and agenda for national elections. If AAP gets even 15 seats, corruption and not development would be the agenda for next general elections.

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