Go, Went, Gone! CM Kejriwal prefixes an Ex before CM

It is spreading like wildfire, Kejriwal has resigned, Kejriwal goes, CM resigns. There is even a political change at national level in his exit. This man is as difficult as anyone could get for BJP & Congress. His command over Hindi and his approach to what is called ‘bolchaal ki bhasha’ (spoken language) is outstanding and so is his word play. Mukesh Ambani Ki Dukaan is the new buzz line for AAP supporters. He didn’t give Congress an opportunity to pull out and make him fall, he resigned, probably setting a record of being first CM to make his own government fall.

Who gains and who would be collaterally damaged is an open question in Delhi. Most people are of the view that AAP would score big time with this play and BJP & Congress both would be losers. Narendra Modi & Rahul Gandhi & Co are going to have a sleepless night. What should they do, should they openly come together to form a government in Delhi? A very, very tough call, but it is possible. BJP may accept outside support from Congress or some disgruntled AAP members and try to form a government. It would be wrong of course, but what BJP has to think is what would be more damaging, to form a government with Congress or look at drawing 0/7 in Delhi in general elections.

It is a master stroke by Kejriwal, he has neutralized Anna Ji, BJP and Congress. The media pull and fascination of Narendra Modi is another big casualty. With nothing to lose, Kejriwal is going to be very lethal.

My concern, this twist seriously puts Arvind Kejriwal’s life at risk, there is more than a fair chance that people who are damaged most would look at eliminating him altogether, he has become too big to manage and control, can’t be leashed, can’t be won over. How do you deal with someone like that in Indian politics? Not too many answers, not too many precedents.

Next three months are going to be sure fire game changer for India. I can see Kejriwal traveling in passenger trains all over India and doing “railway chai pe charchas.”

One thing I am sure, what is happening is good for India. India wins.

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