Why I want Dr. Harsh Vardhan To Win?

A tweet doesn’t allow you to go out and say everything together.¬† A blog does. So here I go, this format is going to give me flexibility of posting my thoughts structured and together. Feedback is most welcome.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan:

  1. Amongst the finest human beings in Indian politics.
  2. Not madly running after money.
  3. Not a saam, daam, dund, bhed politician.
  4. Never seeking controversy, never earning controversy.
  5. In top 1% of the most well educated and esteemed professionals our country has.
  6. He is clean, as clean as a politician in India can be and as above board as the system would allow him to be.
  7. If Narendra Modi gets elected you can expect people like Dr. Harsh Vardhan in standing up for injustice and discrimination from within the party.
  8. Excellent when it comes to control and balances.
  9. Doesn’t seem to have any regrets in life and is never seen as settling scores.
  10. Never associated with words like hate-mongers.
  11. Frugal.
  12. Ready for bigger role at the Centre.
  13. The man responsible for initiating and ensuring the success of polio eradication project in Delhi.
  14. No pushover, seriously assertive and seriously calm, no hint of aggression.

He should win, we need more people like him in our Parliament.

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