Famous Restaurants for Indian Food in New York

Map Showing Famous Restaurants for Indian Food in New York
Map of New York City Depicting the Famous Indian Restaurants
Map Showing Famous Restaurants for Indian Food in New York
Map of New York City Depicting the Famous Indian Restaurants

New York City seems to be in love with Indian food. Earlier the best of the Indian restaurants were located in the outer boroughs, especially Jackson Heights. However, currently, the best of the Indian restaurants are in Manhattan. These are not just takeout and delivery centers, they are excellent, elegant, and diversified restaurants where you can dine out with your family and friends.

Here are some of the famous Indian restaurants in NYC, which not only serve you taste-bud tickling Indian delicacies but also an environment to chill and relax.

1. Indian Accent

Indian Accent is a high-end Indian restaurant in NYC’s Le Parker Meridien (123 West 56th Street, New York, NY 10019). It is the first-ever international outpost of the renowned South Delhi restaurant (with the same name) that has become the only Indian restaurant to make it to the world’s best restaurants list of S. Pellegrino. Rohit Khattar and celebrity-chef Manish Mehrotra led Indian Accent not only offers you fine-dining experience in a luxury setting but also re-imagined traditional recipes, playful and intuitive presentations, and unexpected combinations of ingredients and preparation.

You can start off with either warm Naan imbued with blue cheese or stuffed Punjabi flatbread “Supplemental kulcha” and tuck it with stewy fillings of Indian classics such as Saag Paneer or Butter Chicken. There are other unexpected combinations such as Peking duck inspired Ghee-Roasted Lamb with Roti Pancake filled Bamboo Steamer. Another recommended dish is delicate stuffed Kashmiri morels that are crowned with Parmesan cheese-made Papadum. Other dishes that will tickle your taste buds include Vindaloo Stars, Pork Belly, “tofu kofta moated with bottle-gourd curry”, Baby Back Rib, Crispy Baby Squid, and what not.

2. Tamarind Tribeca

Tamarind Tribeca (located at 99 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013) offers you a sprawling menu having the best of delicacies from the subcontinent. Though the spicy chicken tikka masala is a must-have at this plush restaurant, other dishes you should definitely try are Nizami Keema (a lamb appetizer), Punjabi Mutton, tangy, spicy and tender Lamb Chops, Lobster Masala, Gusthaba, Kashmiri Salad, Samundar Se, and many more.

3. Spice Symphony

True Indian food lovers who look for a symphony of spice and wine must visit Spice Symphony.  Enjoying your wine while relishing the Lamb Rogan Josh, Goan Fish Curry, and Tellicherri Pepper Chicken is nothing but pure bliss. They bring the coastal beauty of India to your platter by offering you curries from seaside towns of Goa, Kolkata, Allepy, Konkan, Madurai, and Kanwar. Spice Symphony (located at 150 E 50th St, between Lexington & 3rd Avenue, New York City, NY 10022-9500 as well as 182 Lexington Ave, between 31st and 32nd Street, New York City, NY 10016-6849) is the place to experience modern Indian food with a twist and Indian flavored Chinese cuisine.

4. Adda

Adda is the culinary Mecca generally overlooked by many food reviewers as it is located beyond the East River in the Long Island City of NYC. This new concept restaurant of owner Roni Mazumdar and Chef Chintan Pandya offers you to savor the aromas of toasted spices as you spend your evening with your family and friends on the wooden table of the small eatery at 31-31 Thomson Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101. You can have the stalwarts of Butter Chicken and Biryani, the fiery Bhatti da Murgh, soft Indian house-made cheese enamored Paneer Khurchan, and wide array of curry specialties.

5. Moti Mahal Delux

If you want to explore North India’s Mughlai cuisine, you must visit the iconic Moti Mahal Delux at 1149 1st Avenue (63rd Street) New York, NY 10065. Relish the innovative Tandoor cooking, including the signature Butter Chicken, quintessential Dal Makhani, Tandoori Chicken, and everything royal in Mughlai cuisine. Moti Mahal Delux is an elegant, relaxed, lovely, and luxurious restaurant where you can spend some great time with your family and friends. This restaurant belongs to a chain of over 100 restaurants located across the world (including India, US, New Zealand, and Nepal).


These are the top 5 Indian restaurants in NYC. If you want to explore the other famous restaurants in New York City, you can try out The Bombay Bread Bar, Junoon, Brick Lane Curry House, Saravanaa Bhavan, Rahi, Benares, Dhaba, Awadh, Haldi, and many more.

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