New Zealand is Where Indians are Holidaying this New Year

New Zealand-A Favourite Holiday Destination

new zealand most preferred for 2017

New Year 2017 is just around the corner, and for Indians who love to be in exotic places to ring in the fresh year, New Zealand seems to be the most preferred country as per a survey by the global metasearch engine Skyscanner. The site (and mobile app) helps with information that enables people to find comparisons for flights, hotels and car hire, and as per a survey conducted, it seems Indians are moving away from clichéd holidays in Europe, America and France. There is indeed a change in the perspective of the seasoned Indian travellers and they seem to be looking for an added dose of thrill and adventure as they head for the land of hobbits and adventure sports.

The Survey

  • A comparison was drawn on the travel searches between 2015 and 2016.
  • The mindboggling number of 50 million users used the app to find the perfect holiday destination.
  • New Zealand, with a 52% growth in travel searches since last year, emerged a clear victor.
  • There has also been a subtle shift towards South-East Asian destinations like Malaysia.
  • Though the country is known to be a rather expensive holiday destination, a host of economical deals by airlines may have contributed to the country coming within the reach of the aspiring traveller.
  • Australia came close as the most sought after travel destination at the second place.
  • The survey shows that many people are also looking at UK for the perfect holiday destination to usher in the New Year.

New Zealand

New Zealand in the southwestern Pacific Ocean consisting of two main islands, has  stunning landscapes and friendly locals, and the promise of something new every day. This is where films like “The Hobbit Trilogy”, “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “Lord of the Rings” were shot, and that goes to describe the mythical aspect of New Zealand.

New Zealand is home to every adventure activity and extreme sport you can think of – and some you’ve never even heard of! Bungy, skydiving, caving, canyoning, etc set to a backdrop of mind-blowing landscapes. The gastronomic delights and the world class wine of New Zealand, of course, can be described as the showstoppers. It is no wonder, then, that Indians, especially Delhiites, are heading for the Land Down Under.

The Travelling Trends Have Changed in the Past Decade – Why?

The Gen Y belonging to the post-boom era and the direct reflectors of the developing economy of India, have the earning capacity, are spend-thrift, and believe in a lavish lifestyle. Travelling all across the globe is a very important part of their bucket list. Distance and budget are no longer considered constraints to plan a holiday. This generation believes in the mantra ‘You Only Live Once’ and thus, rather than saving for the old age which is uncertain, they live in the present and live it well. Of course, the adrenalin rush of being in a new place, getting to know a new culture as well as the thrill of participating in dare-devil adventure sports are also acting as game changers for those who plan to travel.

In the past two decades, the families have become more nuclear in nature, with lesser responsibilities, and thus lesser expenses incurred for the family. Good sense has also prevailed upon the Gen X at the right time, and saving for a comfortable retirement has become a necessity. The booming economy has helped them too, with their investments giving good returns. Now even the retired Gen X are travelling far and wide in their twilight years.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to be in a new exotic place to bring in the New Year, New Zealand seems to be the perfect choice. So book your tickets now, and as mentioned above, there are a host of economic deals in case you feel your budget is less! Happy Travelling! And a Happy New Year in advance from the team at MyIndia!

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